2009. dec. 24.

Merry Christmas from the TFS

Nuclear Christmas Gifts

[Establishing transmission: 2009.12.24....]

Since every single hu has been extra-nice this year, especially those playing OGRE, I have got extra Christmas gifts for all of you:

a showcase of my OGRE custom units, one for each faction, made in Paneuropean Hungary, fresh from the DOGA-CGA factories!

North American Combine
Ground Units: Lunar MK V Ogre, Israeli Golem, Coelacanth Hover Cybertank, M2080 Shepard LevTank, R3 Scorpion Heavy Mecha, R5 Tarantula Assault Mecha, R17 Grizzly Superheavy Mecha
Air Units: F41 Vampire Fighter, B9 Ghost Bomber, Ogre Magi CSA

Paneuropean Federation
Ground Units: Vasököl-7 Nanoarmor Tank, HBT-7 Gladiator LevTank, EM-4 Spartan Medium Mecha, EM-7 Sturmritter Heavy Mecha, EM-12 Centaur Assault Mecha
Air Units: Eurofighter Tornado, Eurobomber Hurricane, Eurofortress Zeus CSA

Nihon Empire
Ground Units: Type-2080 Medium Tank, Type-X1 Ninja Stealth Cybertank, Type-14 Yuurei LevTank, Type-09 Samurai Heavy Mecha, Type-X4 Shinobi Stealth Mecha, Type-14M Hakushi LevMecha
Air Units: F4 Tenshi Fighter, B5 Seiryu Bomber, JCSA-X1 Dairyu CSA

And now... the BIG ONE.

Must I confess, love is 10x meatier than the strongest TacNuke and HiVeloc nuclear weapons. That said...

[Terminating transmission...]

2009. dec. 21.

Seasons Greetings from me and Lunazuki

Since Christmas is almost here, I thought it important to allow my ol' Jap girl Lunazuki-chan to say Seasons Greetings for me...


Oh, and just in case if you are wondering about my transformer form:

Mozilla FireFox

"Faster, Safer, Smarter, Better". That sums up Mozilla's FireFox in a nutshell. A customizable, secure, feature-rich, and organic (open source community-powered) web browser, Firefox is so fast, so smart, so safe, so BETTER, SO FREE, it is no wonder at all why ol' Foxy's the browser of choice for all of free humanity on Earth. In fact, this little log of mine doesn't do justice here...

So it's high-time you left unstable IE sleeping in the mud and switch to FireFox right now - and you'll see what I mean.

2009. dec. 20.

CodeRED Timeline

[Although overlooked, the CodeRED free FPS series, with the latest being Alien Arena, does have a story that mixes technologies available in the future with off-the-wall retro sci-fi from the Worlds of Tomorrow to help you understand the situation at hand, starting in the late-1940's with the crashland of the Roswell UFO...]

URF Chronological Timeline

1947 - Roswell

The Roswell UFO Incident occurs at Roswell, New Mexico, USA, as a spacecraft of obviously Alien origin - an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) - crashes on this soon-to-be famous desert, possessing advanced alien technology termed "Xenotech". The UFO and its Alien crew - 2 dead, 1 live - were taken into a secret USM military base, nicknamed "Area 51", followed by a governmental coverup to ensure Xenotech reverse-engineering in the base was done behind tightly closed doors, up until 5 decades.

As an interesting note, during a UFO sighting - and a raid underway - at a Roswell farm in that year, URF Commander Joseph Hicks, during his mission in the 1st Martian War in 2049, happened to go back in time through a gateway and inflict heavy damage on the invading Martians, namely mortalizing several Martian Enforcers and dismantling a War Machine before he left for the gateway back into his time. Shocked to witness that the Humans are NOT as primitive as they are led to believe after all, the Martians saw this as a mortal setback in their invasion... but a setback nonetheless.

1950's-1990's - We are NOT alone

By the time of the Space Race between the USA and the SSSR that was in full swing, possibilities of extraterrestrial life from the final frontier rose, portrayed by science fiction movies - the most famous of which is Pál George's version of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds", and the most popular with kids being the controversially gruesome "Mars Attacks" trading card series found in bubblegum, with many a bizarre Maritan way of combat, ripe with blood 'n gore, all while men and women in Area 51 are working to the bone to unlock the secrets of advanced alien technology - zero gravity, energy weapons and robotics to name a few.

1999 - Xenotech Era

50 years of being cloaked in secret has led to this: the US Government has unveiled the advanced Xenotech long hidden in Area 51, all derived from technology found on the crash at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. That year changed the course of human history. The beginning of the 3rd Millenium was met with technological prosperity. In another fifty years, man lived in a world that is completely automated and populated by robotic assistance. But all good things must come to an end - one way or another. Without warning, the technology that man created turned against him...

The Mech Wars erupt, leading to the formation of the United Resistance Front (URF) that helped mankind survive these brutal wars that threatened to exterminate him. By the end of the Mech Wars several years later, civilization as we knew it was rebuilt by the survivors of these wars - among them being a decorated war hero, Lt. Commander (LCOM) Joseph Hicks, groomed for battle since birth. What man failed to realize that the Mech Wars were merely a prelude of something worse - namely a Martian invasion...

2049 - The Battle for Earth

LCOM Hicks continued to serve the URF, stationed at the Riker Containment Facility. All seemed to be routine and uneventful - until a number of aliens have been captured, raising many a question amongst the scientific community here. On top of that, Hicks' commanding officer, General Braddock, betrayed the URF and worked with alien invaders in their drive to add planet Earth as their first conquest, sparking the beginning of the 1st Martian War - however, during said war, Braddock wound up being betrayed - and disintegrated - by the Martians, conspiring Hicks to snap into immediate action.

Despite impossible odds, such as a collection of traps, enviroments and enemies, ranging from Martian warriors and mechs to hostile URF troopers to aggressive mechs, Joe Hicks, with an arsenal of weapons, of URF and Martian origin, and the help of his fellow URF Infantry soldiers, managed to blast his way right into the heart of the Martian military operation and assassinated the Martian "Big Brain", the one responsible for all this, thus ending the Battle for Earth. Hicks and the URF made the Martians pay DEARLY for the damage they have done on Earth - in green blood.

2055 - The Martian Chronicles

6 years have passed since the end of the Battle for Earth with the death of the last Martian Big Brain. Now a decorated war hero, Commander Joseph Hicks thought the Martian nightmare was over... but the worst is yet to come, as a new insurrection begun on Mars. He was the 15th man to be sent to quell it - all others before him have failed disastrously.

As expected, the Martians were quick to build a backup Big Brain, have assumed power, and have designs on building an army to annihilate all mankind as payback for their last war and achieve what the URF had them denied from: the conquest of Earth. Commander Hicks had no choice but to take the fight against the Martians to their homeworld, Mars, find the Big Brain, and take it down... and take it down he did, despite having a whole new army of Martian aggressors to deal with. Man has escaped death from the Martians yet again...

Present Day - Alien Arena

For time immemorial, involving the Earth-Mars Wars, up until now, has it been this way:

Planet at war with planet, conflicts ending with a burned cinder orbiting a dead sun and countless billions sent screaming into oblivion. War, endless and eternal, embracing all the peoples of the cosmos. Scientific triumphs heralded the creation of ever more deadly weapons until the very fabric of the universe itself was threatened. And the wars just kept escalating to the breaking point.

Until came the call, some said sent by an elder race, legendary beings of terrifying power who had existed since the birth of the stars and who now made their home beyond the fringes of known creation, others whispered fearfully and looked to the skies for the coming of their gods. Perhaps it didn't matter who had sent the call, for all the people of the stars could at least agree that the call was there.

The wars were to end - or THEY would be ended. In a demonstration of power and to get everyone's attention whoever had sent the call snuffed out the homeworld of the XXXX, the greatest empire of all the stars, in a heartbeat. One moment it was there, the next it was dust carried on the solar winds. All races had no choice but to heed the call. Even Earth and Mars were forced to lay their arms down and leave each other be. It was a distant tug, a whispered warning that the wars are all but over...

But for some warriors, for the greatest hero of each people, the call was more, it was a fire raging through their blood, a call to a new war, to the battle to end all battles. That fire burns in one such warrior's blood, compelling em, the greatest warrior of eir people, to fight in a distant and unknown arena, eir honor and the future of eir race at stake.

The call to battle beats through their hearts and souls like the drums of war. Only time will tell who shall be the one to rise through the ranks and conquer all others, the one who stands proud as the undefeated champion of the Alien Arena...

2009. dec. 18.

Cross in the Winter - Prolouge

[Captain's notice: Since Christmas is upon Terra, I, for one, would love to show you baseline hus my story about one of my characters, Lunazuki-chan from Japan, named "Cross in the Winter" for the holidays. And as you have noticed, this is the prolouge. Without further ado, our premier presentation.]

Harajuku Protestant Church, Tokyo, Nihon - Information Age, 2016.12.07.

Lunazuki: "It's that dream again..."

Lunamiya is having that dream again. The dream when she was a Transformer hybrid, when she wanted to be both a JF-27 Wraith fighter pilot and a schoolgirl astronaut. The dream... that forever changed her life.

But she is having her dream to be... different. Ever since she flew Mikaya's JF-27 - her Christmas present - as co-pilot, Lunazuki can feel the changes to her dream. She, too, can feel her BPMs increase as her dream unfolds.

And unfold it did...

Tokyo, Nihon - Information Age, 2027.12.01

Lunazuki: "I... feel lonely..."

As this dream began, Lunazuki woke up to a silent, snow-covered Tokyo. She is surprised to see that she is, once more, a human-Transformer hybrid... but also to discover that the entire city is... empty. Abandoned. She explored the city, looking for anyone, only to be met with the same result: nothing. This kept on until, eventually, Lunazuki stumbles upon a cross in the snow - a lone, immaculately white cross, about as big aas one of the Transformers, like the one she is. Why is this cross here, and for what purpose, is unknown - but Lunazuki promises to investigate it, as long as she is alive to reveal her dream's meaning.

Lunazuki: (I WILL know what happened to my home, what this cross is, and why am I here as this... Transformer. I will.)

That said, the hybridized Nihonese girl pulled herself together and approached the Cross in the Winter, slowly but surely.

The cross is an all-too-familiar symbol for christians, namely protestants. It was that cross at Golgotha that Jesus shed His precious blood in the Crucifixion, so that whosoever believe in Him is washed of their sins, allowing access to Heaven at the Great White Throne judgement. Lunazuki knows this clearly. She also knows Salvation only comes through Grace alone - her #1 reason why Lunazuki treats Roman Catholicism - namely Tokyo Cathedral - like a runaway swarm of Strogg nanites.

Suddenly, as Lunazuki examined the cross by touching it, visions begin to show up, starting with a memory in the Tokyo General Hospital, JR Mediplex's delivery wing... then came a vision of the Transformer war reaching Japan... and finally, she was greeted by a lone figure, which is revealed having a Transformer body, just like Lunazuki... but she is different. She has that blue glow in her eyes.

Yuriko: Do you actually think your "Saviour" can save you and put the future to rest...me?

Came a haunting, reverbing voice from this Transformer... It would seem her human core cannot be human at all.

Lunazuki: Tell me who you are... NOW. Or else you will know why sinners like YOU deserve Hell.

To this, the unknown unit levitated towards Lunazuki. TOO frighteningly towards, as she never met a Transformer like her in Lunamiya's life. As the stranger closed in, she began, in the same possessed voice.

Yuriko: My name is Yuriko. And I reckon you must be... "Lunazuki". (The stranger identified herself as "Yuriko".)
Lunazuki: Of course I am Lunazuki! Now tell me why I am like this and what happened to Tokyo! After all, your sin will find you out, mysterious or not.

Lunazuki threatened Yuriko with this, but the psionic psi-cho isn't even flinched. She responds with a sinister smile that will give the little yaso nightmares for the remainder of her life.

Yuriko: You will have to find it out yourself... before the Last Days come. Until then, martyr... (Yuriko transformed into a fighter jet... but not like any Lunazuki saw before. This sleek, bi-winged jet fighter is said to be called the "Night Raven" and possesses technology... impossibly advanced.) enjoy your tribulations.

The PSI-Commando then fired up her Aeon Particle engines right at Lunazuki. The soon-to-be-martyred girl prayed silently, for the day of her death hath come...

...but the moment impact is about to be made, suddenly, Lunazuki is back in the metropolis, standing near the cross in the snow. Her heart was pacing, her breathing rapid. She thanked God that Lunazuki was delievered from evil - the same evil, Satan, the Dragon, in the form of that PSI-Commando "Yuriko Matsui", codename Omega. Yet it is no time to rest, as she is recieving demonic energy signatures... and it has gotten into night, as Lunazuki looked up to the sky. Physical and spiritual, it looks like Lunazuki's in for a banishment slugfest this night. A BIG one, matter-of-factly.

The snowbound streets are flooded by Imperial tanks and mechs, and the sky eclipsed by scores of Imperial aircraft... all of them Transformers, Demon-possessed and under Yuriko's control. Some of the army jets and tanks even transformed, surrounding Lunazuki, weapons on the ready. Both sides will know what to do when the time comes... and that time is now.

One hand a K-Burst ATC, the other holding the SMG/Flamer, and SENTINEL ready, Lunazuki begins her assault, for she knew this is one of these tribulations Yuriko cast forth on her - all the while, holy energy emenating from the Cross, and Lunazuki's fatih, will shield her of the demonic effects they may cause... all her nightmares excersizing psychokinetic pain, to name one.

Both sides opened fire, beginning one of the biggest one-versus-all battles in history, "Painkiller" style.

It will be no easy battle for Lunazuki, but with God, nothing is impossible.

Lunazuki: Victory will be the Lord's...

To be continued in "Cross in the Winter"

2009. dec. 12.

Open Imperium Galactica - A Legend gone OpenSource

Remember Digital Reality's popular 1996 homebrew sci-fi strategy game Imperium Galactica?
The game that gave you a chance of what it feels like running mankind's future Galactic Empire in the 4th Millenium, facing internal and external problems, in the forms of aliens, from the cybernetic Garthogs to the truly hideous Dargslans? Well, if the answer's yes... boy, do we got a surprise for you right here!

2009. dec. 11.

R.I.P. 3 - The Last Hero

Mid-22nd Century. An unknown invader, known as the supercomputer Dictator 3000X, has added Earth in his list of conquests using advanced technology and devilish witchcraft as weapons - cyborgs, attack vecs, demons, energy weapons - you name it, this computer's got it. And with the General Arcanum Portal (GAP), one more step - and the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead will be blurred, resulting in a cataclysm the likes of which even Creation has never before seen.

But, as fate would have it, our three favorite anti-heroes - the grim reaper Death, devil Rock 'n Roll and pumpkin-head Halloween - are back, and that's not going to happen on their watch! This time, they have brought with them three new mortal friends - cyborg ex-officer Captain Black, ninja-girl Jane and experimental warvec FOBOS - and the fate of both worlds lies in their hands. It's all or nothing as the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead collide!

That, ladies 'n gents, is R.I.P. 3 - The Last Hero, the third and most explosive, top-down kill-'em-all shooter game in the R.I.P. series from the Ruskie friends at Elephant Games. I'll spare you the details here. In fact, I STRONGLY recommend this action game, so get off your butt, get R.I.P. 3 and get to mowin' Dctator 3000X's cyborg army down with a wide arsenal of weapons and vehicles - or it's "Rest in Pieces" for Earth!

2009. dec. 6.


Living proof that there IS such thing as "Open Source Sci-Fi". And what is Orion's Arm, you might ask? An excellent question, with a nutshell of an answer - OA is:

  • The next step in the evolution of science-fiction
  • A collective hard science fiction world building endeavor
  • A space opera
  • A communal background for science fiction stories
  • A universe ready to be brought to life through illustration
  • A forum for cutting edge science
  • A roleplaying setting
  • A transhumanist projection of what the future might look like
  • A bunch of semi-sane sentients having fun together
Once you enter the ever-evolving universe of OA, say log out to everything you knew about Science Fiction. In fact, say log out from being a baseline hu. Transhumanism is about fun - why bother being one of those luddites taking that fun away from us all?

2009. dec. 5.

TRANSTECH - New Millenium

[Captain's Note: for the uninitiated, Transtech, designed by Draxhall Jump, was to take Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye to its most futuristic, set after Beast Machines. Turned out otherwise, as it was cancelled in favor of Transformers Car Robots, which is Robots in Disguise in the US. Oh well - you cannot win them all... until further notice, on with the story, in the good ol' fashion of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Comics - with a Neo-Millenium twist.]


Anno Domini 2000. The 3rd Millenium. Earth and Mankind celebrates the coming of the new millenium and, therefore, a new Era of his history. And yet, even in the challenges of tomorrow, Man still remembers the dream - mechanical beings able to transform their bodies into vehicles, machinery and weapons, the last line of defense against Unicron. They were, are, and always will be at war, heroic Autobot, led by Optimus Prime, pitted against evil Decepticon, led by Megatron, both on their homeworld, the metal planet called Cybertron, and here on our Earth. They are the galaxy's best, last and only hope; they are... TRANSFORMERS.

[Fade in. Exterior: Futuristic Earth City, night. The whole city is celebrating the coming of the 3rd Millenium]

For a long time has Man waited for this great rejoicing to come, this new Age of his History ever since the Transformers first set their metallic feet on their homeworld. And it has come at last. All of Earth underwent the first day of the new millenium as smooth as it came... until, one more time, disaster strikes - in the form of the Decepticons!

2009. dec. 4.

Custom OGRE Units - Nihon Empire

[Establishing Captain's Log - Addendum 2...]

Hope you're ready, soldiers, because more of my custom units are incoming for SJ Game's definitve nuclear wargame OGRE, this time of Nihon Empire origin. Face it - the Nihonji's technology is advanced beyond human comprehension, which is impressive - for a Neo-Traditionalist nation...

Konnichiwa and sayonara!


Ground Units

Type-2080 "Ryu" Medium Tank
Type-X1 "Ninja" Stealth Cybertank
Zh12 "Shengji" Chinese Pyro Cybertank
Type-14 "Yuurei" LevTank
Type-09 "Samurai" Heavy Mecha
Type-X4 "Shinobi" Stealth Mecha
Type-14 "Hakushi" LevMecha

Air Units

F4 "Tenshi" Fighter
B5 "Seiryu" Bomber
JCSA-X1 "Dairyu" Continental Siege Aircraft

Custom OGRE Units - Paneuropean Federation

[Establishing Captain's Log - Addendum 1...]

Atten-HUT, boys! Next up for my own custom units for Steve Jackson's kick-butt tabletop wargame, OGRE, is the Paneuropean Federation - which is fitting, considering Hungary's part of Europe...


Ground Units

"Vasököl-7" Nano-Armor Tank
HBT-7 "Gladiator" LevTank
EM-4 "Spartan" Medium Mecha
EM-7 "Sturmritter" Heavy Mecha
EM-12 "Centaurus" Assault Mecha

Air Units
Eurofighter "Tornado" Fighter
Eurobomber "Hurricane" Bomber
Eurofortress "Zeus" Continental Siege Aircraft