2010. dec. 3.

Space Hospital - Mission Summary

Here's the story so far to all Space Hospital personnel, new and old.
] HELIX linked to CHRONOS. Accessing hololog archives. Standby...

Log0.25 (PRO-LOG): The Courtship of Nurse Ratknee

Nurse Julia Ratknee reports to CHRONOS, the hospital's central computer, for a routine "confessional" and performance evaluation. Although her requests for a promotion and to have her rival, Nurse Barbara Arbara, struck down hard are denied, it becomes clear CHRONOS has plans for her. BIG plans. Especially since Ratknee has been hurtin' for her own baby...

Log1: Happiest Surgeon in Space

On the eve of his wedding to the lovely Nurse Barbara, Dr. Philip Goode's battlewear disorder after a wild destruction spree with a draco saucer squad couldn't have come at a way worse time. And Chief Surgeon Snead's venture into xenosurgery to impress admin assistant Maggie Morningstar shows, as battlefrenzy- and draco-related hallucinations, in spite of Goode's selfmedication, erupt time after time...

Log2: Day of the X

It HAD to be Christmastime, of all the times in this upside-down universe, to have Proxima Centauri's solar flaring rock Space Hospital... and Ratknee into labor. The question is this: how in blazes are you supposed to enjoy the holidays when you have a trio of annoying gift-bearing draco kings to deal with and help a nurse deliver her baby?

By the way, Seasons Greetings from the boys 'n girls 'n aliens from Space Hospital!

Log3: I, Manbot

(Log recorded before a live studio audience. This'll be interesting...)

Last time, in Space Hospital, as recorded in CHRONOS' holovid archives:
Ratknee, although it was a side-splittingly tough case, successfully gave birth to her baby... which is, much to her despair, recorded as a CYBORG...

Galactic tennis star Lindsay Austin arrives at Space Hospital for some game-changing bionics... and gets a crush on the hospital's xenosurgeon, Omacron. Meanwhile, Nurse Ratknee’s sorrow can't be any worse as her robot-baby is yanked away from her - because of freakishly accelerated growth rates. And there's Lenny the lovable robot to sow some salt into injury with a custody-suing. Meanwhile, the robot-baby in the rad-room grows WAY out of control into a handsome but childish cyborg, of which newly-bionic tennis star Austin falls in love with him at first sight.

Will it be happily-ever-after for these freakish lovers?
(Guess not.)

2010. nov. 20.

ŰRHÓDÍTÓ - Video Game history exhibit in the Traffic Museum

If you can see this, femmes 'n mech, boils 'n gargoyles, it means I and Dad took a drive and then a walk into the "Űrhódító" video game history exhibition at the Traffic Museum, home to many ages of transportation from steam engines to early modern cars. And you know what? It ROCKED hard. Too bad it's gonna go bye bye in 21st November, so we hadta take the shot. Guess what it had - PONG, Space Invaders, early arcade and console and PC game classics from the '70s and '80s to kick-butt classics of the '90s arcades and PCs and consoles... including iD's DooM and Terminator 2: Judgement Day arcade game, and last, but not least, modern examples, such as the PS2. And that's not all, folks. Űrhódító also exhibited two types of PC virch: early primitive experiment and modern Leonar3Do. Hey, with Leo3Do, who knows, maybe I can forge any of my original Transformers, including one Lunazuki, to life in 3DVR glory. (heheheheh)

With no further ado, the recon files:
Virch PC platforms: before and after Leo3Do.
Left: can't one think anything more ridiculous than this early virch PC? Right: Leo3Do live.
Leonar3Do. Imagine what killin' machines I can draw up with this baby over here... and what damage I can cause when used as a VR game system post-Virtuality...
Playing Space Invaders on an ol' computer and big-butt TV. Had some out-of-practice experiences, though.
The joyball. A trackball used as a controller? Now I've seen it all.
One of the primitive lightguns before the Zapper and its Wii version.
The controllers ma 'n pa played their games when they were kids.
The Computer makes Checkmate. From Farkas' clever chessmachine to the modern chess computer. "You = Cheater!" said the chess computer to the basic one.
The Arcade. Space Invaders, Pac Man and T2 included.
Cartridges from the good ol' days to later '90s blocksmashers... hungarian titles included.
DooM. Demons, demons everywhere, and only a handful o' UAC marines to stop 'em ice-cold.
Me, rippin' SkyNET a new one in the T2 Arcade game, akimbo style. "Hasta la vista, baby" - as the Terminator said it best.
Final pay for "Gabriel" (Terminator 1) and "Lucifer" (Terminator 2) from all the property damage inflicted on SkyNET. Dad liked my pro two-in-one-man-army approach in this one.

2010. okt. 29.

SPACE HOSPITAL - Retro-Future Madhouse

Welcome aboard the Space Hospital, ladies and gentlemen, boils and gargoyles, femmes and mechs, my latest retro-futuristic sci-fi comedy favorite set in a (you guessed it) hospital spaceship, created by Sigurd Ueland and Robert Poe. Launched as Ubiquitous Industries' most hi-tech luxury hospital ship, it serves as the Overlord-controlled Centrality's assault hospital ship (AHS), a combination of hi-tech hospital and assault weapons platform dedicated to medical services and blastin' the draconoid lizardbreaths outta the stars. Trust me - you'll enjoy the time you'll spend on Space Hospital - even if you're part of the crew. But I warn you:

Space Hospital is an offworld madhouse. That, and the crew can sometimes have some... screws loose.

If you're any of the nutjobs making the mistake of being staff of Space Hospital, please consult CHRONOS, the hospital central computer, for confessionals and performance evaluations. Otherwise, please suspend your position and depart immediately. Thank you.

] HELIX link to CHRONOS holovid archives established. Patching you through now...

2010. aug. 14.

Darkspore - Sci-Fi DNAction

] Booting HELIX opsys... 100% - opsys running

] Welcome to HELIX Genesoft, User Lévai József, species terran.

This MAY indeed come as a BIG surprise to you, boys 'n girls, human and alien and machine, but it is indeed true that Maxis, the men 'n women behind SPORE, Godgame history in the making, and EA, who brought you the hit Sci-Fi Actionventure series Mass Effect by Bioware, have indeed concieved and inseminated the egg of an upcoming Sci-Fi DNAction (heh. First Creatiolutionism, now THIS.) game, codename: DARKSPORE.

I pray to Spode Almighty it won't be no dissapointment.

Imagine yourself into the future. Imagine a race of unrivaled hitech gengineers, the Crogenitors, roaming the galaxy for untold eons, gengineering experiments of generations transforming them from zeroes to galactic heroes, from clay to sculptor. Imagine them creating the 5 Genesis Categories: Plasma, Quantum, Cyber, Bio, and Necro. Imagine the all-changing discovery of Exponential DNA (E-DNA), used to weaponize life itself, and breed an army of who we now know as genetic heroes.

Then imagine, with the accidental unleashing of the Darkspore, a genetic nightmare beyond all forms of control, all bio-heck breaking loose.

That's where you, a fugitive, and your squads of reconstructed (and sometimes original) Living Weapons, come in to jump into the fray and disinfect the galaxy of the Darkspore and its agents and mutated horrors before the whole galaxy becomes one big quarantine zone. But of course, you're not the only fugitive in this side of the galaxy, as this game really, REALLY comes to life playin' co-op, online. Though a fugitive has to do it solo sometimes.

And if you're feelin' extra nasty today, engage in combat with other fugitives' living weapon collections in player VS player mode... provided your gengineered squads are bored and there ain't no bad guy to squish into gibs when they need 'em.

As anticipation - and preparation - for this upcoming genetic masterpiece coming next year Feburary, some SPORE users made recreations of the Living Weapons featured in previews and Comic Con 2010... while I took a whole diff' path and bred terran LWs, just to be safe. Lessee who we have here... Pyros, Reaper, SaniTek, Titan, Chronos... yup, all here. Truly, this would be my vision of a Genetic Age of Earth... oh. And I would treat each and every LW as family, just as any sane HERCommander would treat their Bioderms.

And as conclusion, here's the link with the teaser to drive the point home.

Until then, fellow SPORErs... keep on creatin', evolvin' and adventurin'. (Though I am more of a creator than an evolver, and why should I bother playing God? The crogenitors did - and just LOOK at this resulting galactic quarantine we're in now. That's what you get when you play God, I guess.)

] Logout and System Shutdown command issued.

] Thank you for choosing and using HELIX. The only choice in creating Living Weapons.