2010. dec. 3.

Space Hospital - Mission Summary

Here's the story so far to all Space Hospital personnel, new and old.
] HELIX linked to CHRONOS. Accessing hololog archives. Standby...

Log0.25 (PRO-LOG): The Courtship of Nurse Ratknee

Nurse Julia Ratknee reports to CHRONOS, the hospital's central computer, for a routine "confessional" and performance evaluation. Although her requests for a promotion and to have her rival, Nurse Barbara Arbara, struck down hard are denied, it becomes clear CHRONOS has plans for her. BIG plans. Especially since Ratknee has been hurtin' for her own baby...

Log1: Happiest Surgeon in Space

On the eve of his wedding to the lovely Nurse Barbara, Dr. Philip Goode's battlewear disorder after a wild destruction spree with a draco saucer squad couldn't have come at a way worse time. And Chief Surgeon Snead's venture into xenosurgery to impress admin assistant Maggie Morningstar shows, as battlefrenzy- and draco-related hallucinations, in spite of Goode's selfmedication, erupt time after time...

Log2: Day of the X

It HAD to be Christmastime, of all the times in this upside-down universe, to have Proxima Centauri's solar flaring rock Space Hospital... and Ratknee into labor. The question is this: how in blazes are you supposed to enjoy the holidays when you have a trio of annoying gift-bearing draco kings to deal with and help a nurse deliver her baby?

By the way, Seasons Greetings from the boys 'n girls 'n aliens from Space Hospital!

Log3: I, Manbot

(Log recorded before a live studio audience. This'll be interesting...)

Last time, in Space Hospital, as recorded in CHRONOS' holovid archives:
Ratknee, although it was a side-splittingly tough case, successfully gave birth to her baby... which is, much to her despair, recorded as a CYBORG...

Galactic tennis star Lindsay Austin arrives at Space Hospital for some game-changing bionics... and gets a crush on the hospital's xenosurgeon, Omacron. Meanwhile, Nurse Ratknee’s sorrow can't be any worse as her robot-baby is yanked away from her - because of freakishly accelerated growth rates. And there's Lenny the lovable robot to sow some salt into injury with a custody-suing. Meanwhile, the robot-baby in the rad-room grows WAY out of control into a handsome but childish cyborg, of which newly-bionic tennis star Austin falls in love with him at first sight.

Will it be happily-ever-after for these freakish lovers?
(Guess not.)