2012. júl. 11.


Galactic Sector Report on the Heavenriver Nebula
Submitted by: Lévai József 
The Heavenriver Nebula, so named because of its eye-opening sapphire glow and streaming riverlike shape, turned out to be more than just a simple nebula sector the moment one warps in. What the nebula hides under its sapphire clouds is an entire galactic system, full of planets teeming with life and unique each, and home to three unique alien species.

Species Intel




Fallen Rose 

2012. máj. 23.

Infantry - War, Circa 225 CE

"Prepare for battle, men! It's time to go to WAR."

If you're recieving this audio message the first time, soldier, then you've just set foot to the universe of Infantry, originally developed by Harmless Games LLC (hardly an appropriate name, given the wartorn times, ain't it?) and published by Sony Online Entertainment and also provided free. Consult the Infantry Archive often - don't make me go all ol' geezer storyteller on ya.

Sitrep in a nutshell: the calendar is 225 CE (Collective Era). The Collective, a pure-democracy Solsys megapolity which unified Earth and spread Mankind to the Solar System, is gasping dying breaths... but it won't give up the ghost just yet, not without a fight. Operation: Ragnarok permanently severed the bonds between the Collective and the Solsys planets, with Titan, unofficial capital of Outer Solsys, being the strongest of which. Psionics, humans with phenomenally unhuman psi-powers, the first recorded being Albert Rene in 116 CE, are emerging in Solsys to mixed reactions, from joy of a new tool to fight the darkness with to freak witch hunts. War is now boiling upon all of Mankind.

As of 225 CE, Titan and the Collective are at all-out, take-no-prisoners WAR.

And this is where you come in, soldier. Choose your zone, choose your side, choose your weapons, choose your victims... and engage trigger finger upon enemy contact. From the heavy metal warfare of Mechanized Skirmish to classic Capture the Flag warfare on, for instance, Heinreich's Point, from the Bug Hunt between Collective Marines and the Skrall, from participating in King-of-the-Hill havoc on Chambert's Moon to waging battle as anyone you wish to be in the entire Solsys at war in I:RPG, from causing Zero-G sports mayhem in Gravball and yes, even wage outer space war as captain of your Fleet and much, much more, your military options are unlimited. Whether you are a typical Infantryman, a Jump Trooper, a Heavy Weapons Trooper, a Commando, a Gravtank/Mech Pilot, a Spacefighter Pilot/Starship Captain, a Partisan, a Psionic Trooper or even a Skrall yourself, the Solsys is a battlefield, the battlefield your playground.

But a word of warning: War never changes.

So what are you waiting for, soldier? Enlist now!

2012. ápr. 10.

Omega Antares

Omega Antares
A Cautionary Tacnuke Episode

Omega Antares.
Antares System. 
Alpha Space.
AD 2196.
AP 56.

Narrator: This planet in Alpha Space, Omega Antares, in life, was a Pannonis-like moonless planet orbiting a red star, once home to four alien species and civilizations - the doglike Carnes, the batlike Nokh'torr, the scaraboid Hercoli and the twinhead sectoid Anterei (the undercutting and upstaging Atlantis of the four) - locked in a cold war in 21CB tacnuke war tech levels. Today, a complete nuclear winter cemetery, an eternity of blue snow falling on blackened metropolises and green oceans, with all four species exterminated by the very neonuclear and tacnuclear weapons they have created, based on 1950s-style OGRE cybertank tech, their only legacy orbiting their dead world being the Anterei magnum opus and, therefore, Omega Antares' executioner: Doomsat Omega, a colossal orbital weapons platform packing enough tacnukes and neonukes and spaceborne assault auton-mech squadrons led by Antares One, all armed with the patented Nanodeath nanite weapons system, to wipe out entire civilizations... a function it executed perfectly - perhaps TOO perfectly - in this planet's twilight days.

Omega Antares remained an unknown dead planet... until one day along came a rocket-Transformer from Pannonis: the rocket Transformer Genesis-1, with a crew of 5 Maximals: Minuteman, Cassiopeia, 6Shooter, Rapier and Zero Vector. All of the Unitec Starcom. All of them unaware of this new planet they've set their optics on, much less that giant Doomsat now orbiting this nuclear graveyard. But whatever the cost and come what may, the Unitec Starcom is ready for any mission, any battle... perhaps even for this.

Who knows, the Starcom team might come out of their latest mission heroes - even like reliving Crefac 13...

2012. jan. 26.


[Commander's Foreword:
No doubt I am a big fan of HG Wells' sci-fi masterpieces, such as War of the Worlds, and Victorian Sci-Fi and Steampunk and Victorian wargames, for I know Science Fiction in Victorian Age Earth was a simpler time - and I quote "a time when the horrors of the industrial age had been prophesized but not yet experienced; when the frontiers of science fantasy had not yet been fixed by post-atomic cliché; and when the entirety of scientific understanding had yet to outstrip the capacity of a single mind." And Transformers: Hearts of Steel was an interesting concept of putting my favorite Robots in Disguise in the Industrial Revolution age (too bad they botched it), inspiring me to do the same... but with a fresh-faced Aether-powered Transformer cast and set on an unfamiliar world in a freshly discovered alien star system. Now, imagine what happens when land ironclads roll in to battle and suddenly transform to put 'em metal dukes up on 'em gowshdurned invadin' tripod-ridin' Martian SLIME....

And you'll get the idea in this, my Victorian-style cartoon series.

Plus, I am creating the series - and therefore the Vhyrjo Junis system - in memory of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and beginnings of today's Republic of Hungary... and also to show my sheer disgust of the Crowning of Franz Ferdinand and Elizabeth as emperor and emperess of my nation. Cheering for the very Habsburgs that had our Revolution and Republic steamrolled in 1848-49?! The Hungarians of this time REALLY need to wake up and use steam-powered battle robots to free Hungary once more - why would I care if, while the Habsburgs and Russians conquered Hungary with fire and steel, Sissi conquered our country with her heart?!

Call me obsessed, insane even, but I know that with new technologies come change - and the change I want best is the chains of slavery be broken on every nation of the time, including Hungary... even if it meant getting our hands bloody and bustin' out the Metal Hussars. After all, revolutions are costly, and this one has a HUGE blood-price we must pay.

Disgust vented, on with the merry show, ladies and gentlemen...]

Vhyrjo Junis.
Aether Age.

This lush, raindrenched forest planet, her Marslike moon and two neighboring planets in the Vhyrjo Junis system, Gemiin and Taeoros, is facing the beginning of a new epoch of the delphisect Vhyrjj species with the discovery of the Aether and the invention of radical machinery and technology, civilian and military, based on this anti-gravitic energy... and with them new ideals and governments and, in the end, revolution. Eeyrjs and Hyjuis, grown sick of matriarchic oppression, rise up with their fighting walkers against the aetheric fleets of the Vhyrjunis Dominia, while the free, distant Syrhji United Republic is only a year away from developing space superiority.

The Eastfront is ablaze as Jyn-Myuy land ironclads roll to meet the crawlers of Kiijysja, and even Mek'khe'syjr natives are learning how to drive panzertrains to defend their sacred alpic-taiga homeland from Vhyrjunis encroachment in this Victorian era. The biggest change, of all things, is the passing of Archqueen Vicjhyro Vhyrjunis at the hands of distraught Hyjuis revolutionaries in barrel walkers.

Surpassing all that is the coming of the first aliens of the Vhyrjo Junis system, and after them the invasion of the Mahr'os lunar invaders. Those aliens, some siding with Syrhji, Mek'khe'syjr and the Revolutionaries and some for the Dominia and her League (which the militarily mighty Jhürsch Reich is its only member left), and the Mahr'os, is known galaxy-wide by a name:


                 AETHER AGE

Just as the Aether changed vhyrjj society and technology, so did the Transformers prove all vhyrjj exobio theories of life beyond their planet... and that only made the whirlwinds of change howl even harder across Vhyrjo Junis in Anno Vhyrjo 848, as the Dominia, after centuries of rule, is at the verge of falling and the vhyrjj at the edge of taking their first steps into outer space, the moon Vhyrjo Myrjys, and Gemiin and Taeoros and the space beyond their system. The Transformers siding with the Republic and the revolting states are labeled "Revoloids", while those in league with the Dominia - who actually are Mahr'os harbingers - are called "Mechintons", each masquerading as land ironclads, aeroplane fighters and bombers, warships - aero and sea, even crawlers and starships, be it from Dominia design to Mek'khe'syjr possession, only revealing their true Mech modes when the time is right, using a mix of vhyrjj aether and weapons technology beyond what the vhyrjj can possibly accomplish and comprehend. The Revoloids and Mechintons, in their mortal war for the future of Vhyrjo Junis, would inadverdently attract the attention of alien eyes who slowly, and surely, will draw their plans against the vhyrjj. Come tomorrow morning after this war of the worlds, Vhyrjo Junis will never be the same - and never will it return to the days before Aether...

Anno Vhyrjo (AV) 848.

Archqueen Vicjhyro is dead.
The Transformers have landed.
The Space Race - and the Invasion - has begun.


Meanwhile, in the freezing purple-snow arctic graveyard that is Ivjius Arctia, there lies the Cache, home to the covert nation that discovered and published Aether in the first place on Vhyrjo Junis, known simply as the Covenant. A sovereign nation of vhyrjj explorers, innovators, geniuses and revolutionaries, the Covenant is best known for their fantastic aetheric inventions and technologies they have given to the planet as a gift, including blueprints for aether-starships. But like everyone in revolutionary-time war-torn Vhyrjo Junis, the Covenant has a dark side.

They alone knew of the nations and the tribals abusing the aether, so they founded their all-aetheric army.
They alone knew of the Transformers, so they forget their "Chimera" transforming walkers.
They alone knew of the Mahr'os invasion to come, so they prepared their bio-weaponry.
And they alone knew of the Archqueen's passing, so they have desecrated the Dominia Mausoleum and exhumed her lifeless body so the Covenant can commence the most unholy project in Vhyrjo Junis history:

The rebirth of Archqueen Vicjhyro Vhyrjunis as a Chimera... "Virgo".

Lest all hope shall be lost for the revolution and Vhyrjo Junis as a whole, lest the future shall be lost to an insane queen brought out of the frave, the Revoloids MUST go forth and put this unholy experiment to an immediate and final rest and prevent the Dark Archqueen-Chimera from ever arising, once and for all ending the Dark Aether Age before it even begins. This is a mission for the Aether Paladins and the Virgo Aevia Matricracy, and it must be done...

else the Covenant will be the midwives of the beginning of the DARK AETHER AGE.


And while Syrhji and Jhürsch aetheric airships duke it out above the burning cities of a dying old matriarchic empire, while the Mek'khe'syjr defend their sacred home and the divided Nejunis scream and quarrel for aether in their childish civil war, and while the Covenant is preparing to unleash their unholy nightmare upon an unrepentant planet, nobody on Vhyrjo Junis would've believed that, in the last years of the 9th Vhyrjo Century, they were being scrutinized by life on their red moon, Vhyrjo Myrjys... a warlike krakenoid alien species, vast, cool, unsympathetic, possessing enough military walkers, agrav warships and psionic powers to wipe out an entire civilized planet, has regarded their sister planet and the Transformers with envious eyes and strained tentacles, knowing there is a worthy enemy at last... their targets have bit their Cache bait.

They are the Mahr'os. They are the Harbingers of War.

And they slowly, and surely, are drawing plans against Vhyrjo Junis... starting with Aertorrya.

The War of the Vhyrjo Worlds is at hand. Heaven help those caught in it...

Vhyrjo Junis History at a Glance.
Prior AV 848.

Book the First:
Railroads to the Aetheric Revolution.
AV 848.

001: Arrival of the Transformers, Part the First
002: Arrival of the Transformers, Part the Second
003: Arrival of the Transformers, Part the Third
004: Syrhji - Liberty or Death
005: Hyjuis and Eeyrjs - For Matria and Aether and Republic
006: Mek'khe'syj'Aehu'ah - Paradise Under Siege
007: Kiijysja - Crimson Revolution
008: Vhyrjuis and Jhürsch - Extreme Times, Extreme Measures
009: Psivrija - The Ichor
010: Vhuls and Svihr - Breaking the Dominial Chains
011: Mek'khe'syj'Aehu'ah - The Sacred Fighting Machines
012: Jyn-Myuy - Blue Sun, Red Eyes
013: Hyjuis - Siege of Castle Byda, Day the First
014: Hyjuis - Siege of Castle Byda, Day the Second
015: Eeyrjs - Viva la Republique d'Eeyrjs
016: Vhyjunis - Rise of the Aether-Matriarch
017: Jhürsch - The EisenKaiser
018: Wasteland - Horrors of Revolution and War
019: Syrhji - Dawggun Jhürschers
020: Syrhji - Ah've Been Workin' on th' Warroad
021: Nejunis - The Nejunis Civil War
022: Aertorrya - The Royal War Machine, Part the First
023: Aertorrya - The Royal War Machine, Part the Second
024: Aertorrya - The Royal War Machine, Part the Third
025: Kiijysa/Jyn-Myuy - The Eastfront Battle of the Century
026: Nejunis -  Civil War Temper Issues
027: Hyjuis - Memories of Revolution's Beginning
028: Ivjius Arctia - How it All Began, Part the First
029: Vhyrjo Junis - How it All Began, Part the Second
030: Ivjius Arctia - How it All Began, Part the Third
031: Syrhji, Hyjuis, Eeryjs, Vhuls and Svihr - Together We Stand and Fight
032: Wasteland - Revoloids and Mechintons in the Wasteland
033: Psivrija - Torch of Prometheus, Day the First
034: Psivrija - Torch of Prometheus, Day the Second
035: Virgo Aevia - A Transformer's Time with the Matricracy
036: Aertorrya - The Republic of Aertorrya Or Transforming Machines Need No Crown
037: Jhürsch - The Last Straw of the Eisenreich
038: Syrhji/Jhürsch/Hyjuis/Vyhrjunis - Brawl'n 'bove th' Burnin' Empire
039: Mek'khe'syj'Aehu'ah - Deliverance from the Dominia, Day the First
040: Mek'khe'syj'Aehu'ah - Deliverance from the Dominia, Day the Second
041: Mek'khe'syj'Aehu'ah - Deliverance from the Dominia, Day the Third
042: The Shape of Things to Come, Part the First: The End of the EisenKaiser
043: The Shape of Things to Come, Part the Second: The Storming of Vhyrjunis Citadel
044: The Shape of Things to Come, Part the Third: The Aether-Matriarch's Last Stand

End the First Book.

Book the Second:
The Chronicle of the Covenant Aetheric War.
AV 850-890.

Assessments of the World and its Sins
by Covenant General-in-Chief Maerjunyrs Ivjius.

045: The Coming of the Covenant, Part the First
046: The Coming of the Covenant, Part the Second
047: The Coming of the Covenant, Part the Third
048: Ivjius Arctia -
049: Nejunis -
050: Syrhji -
051: Hyjuis, Eeryjs, Jhürsch and Aertorrya -
052: Aertorrya -

End the Second Book.

Book the Third:
The Unholy Archqueen-Chimera and the Dark Aether Age.
AV 890-900.

A Newly Reanimated Archqueen-Chimera's Memories
as recalled by Virgo.


End the Third Book.

Book the Fourth:
War of the Vhyrjo Worlds.
AV 901.

Eve of the War with the Unknowns
by Wershthonn Maxxij, Syrhji Ranger Marshal

100: Eve of War, Day the First
101: Eve of War, Day the Second
102: Eve of War, Day the Third
103: Aertorrya - The Nightmare of Invasion Begins

End the Fourth Book

The Movie:
The Transformer Rennaisance
and the Vhyrjo Junis Space War

after AV 901 and beyond. 

Runtime: 149 Min.