2007. szept. 27.

Legend of the Galactic Haruhi

Starfleet Command Theater presents...
a MAD series of both "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Legend o the Galactic Heroes".....

by niconicoMauser

Episode 1 - It Begins

2007. szept. 3.

School's In and Newspeak

Captain's Log: 2007.09.03.

It looks like my Golden Tri-Month vacation's over. Now it is time to go back to Montágh Imre High School - MY school. I can finally meet new friends - and of course old enemies. Plus, I get to finish my old studies, while I will get busy on my new addictions - recently discovered.

Hold on - I've got a message from the Resistance force from 1984....

They say that Newspeak's the only language its dictionary of words gets smaller everytime. And it's a pretty confusing and bizarre language for many, but believe me and my forces - the members and leaders of the EngSoc (English Society) are the masters of deception, and if you fall for their traps, for example the usage of DoubleThink - Ministry of Peace (MiniPax) and the Ministry of Love (MiniLuv) - and their massive Floating Fortresses... then you're going to get all what you have justly deserved.

The Newspeak Dictionary will help you prepare for the language of the future horror that is to come, and use this language to overcome it... 2 words: Big Brother.

If you want to speak Newspeak today, then go to the URL below:
That's all you need to know about it. Have a Doubleplusgood day!

Terminating Log.