2009. ápr. 5.

USF SolNet - 2075.12.07.

[Establishing SolNet - Standby... 100%]
[Begin SolNet News (SNN) Transmission - 2075.12.07.]

SolFleet launches a new state-of-the-art starship: the SuperCarrier


Today is a historical day for the USF and the Terran race: launching from the Crimsonus Milites Shipyard orbiting Mars to Earth, years of development and construction has finally led to our latest starship class: the Supercarrier. Named the USF-SCV1 Enterprise, this is the first of its kind and size and our latest weapon in the Arachnid War. Upon arrival, the USF-CV7 Ikari and squadrons of Assault and Carrier fighters will parade with the Enterprise.

We were lucky enough to seize an interview of the captain of the Enterprise, Fleet Captain Alex N. Jones, seasoned fighter pilot and veteran of the Arachnid War. "After 4 years of fighting the War in my Fighter's cockpit, I am proud to report I can do it here and now in the bridge. If this SuperCarrier makes it through the combat tests, there will be no stoppin' us now... but if this whole beauty goes boom -- so will be any hope of squishin' the Bugs for good."

Once the tests proceed as planned and hoped, soon we will end the Arachnid War for good. All available SolFleet Marine, please do your part in the up-and-coming battles ahead. If mankind pulls together, the SuperCarrier tests will surely be successful. Should the tests fail, it will become an irrecoverable loss in our war effort.

[End Transmission - Standby]