2009. júl. 20.

Joe's Top 15 Rockin' Cool Things

And now, ladies and gentlemen, femmes and mechs, boils and gargoyles, it's time for my Top 10 list for the things I love the BEST, aptly named...

Joe's Top 15 Rockin' Cool Things

15. Human Assisted Robots (HAR)
Neural-controlled mechanized gladiators, size times 30. Need I say more?
14. Military Mechs
From small-and-sneaky war surgeons to oversized robotic havoc-makers (such as the Mammoth Mk. II), they're the best of the best the military of the future can bring. Rock 'n Roll.
13. Pipe Organs
Something to play the March of Deaths for the losers' remains with...
12. Space Battleships
Platforms of DEATH in space.
11. Hungarian Sci-Fi
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is a perfect example of that.
10. Powered Armors
Especially those Japanese girls wearing them... armed and armored to the teeth is what I do best.
9. Tanks
From giant, nuclear cybertanks to biometal-powered antigrav tanks, these are my #1 choice in frontline havoc-wreakin'. OGRES FOREVER!
8. Transformers
Military and Civil vehicles in one moment... oversized, armed-to-the-teeth Cybertronian robots the next... and back again. All in one neat, hi-speed sci-fi/action package.
7. Guns
LOTS and LOTS of guns, kinetic, energy, light, heavy, close combat, long range, modern, future...
6. Space Battles
360° degrees of guaranteed intergalactic PAIN.
5. Militant Aliens
Can't live with 'em. Can't play war without 'em. Take the Strogg for example.
4. Freeware Games
Whoever said the best guns in life can't be free has picked the WRONG day to do so.
Nexuiz - Simple, Fast, Intense and Completely Free
3. Luigi Colani
EVERYTHING ol' Colani makes is of sleek, round bio-design. Don't believe me? Take a look.
2. Anti-Gravity Fighters
Every pilot's #1 choice in fighting the enemy in a 360° enviroment.
And the #1 best thing in my life is:

Whose shedded blood can wipe everyone clean of sin - all you need to do is REPENT to Him. Need I say more?

TAGAP - The Apocalyptic Game About... PENGUINS?!

What do you get when you mix a penguin with cybernetics, bio-engineered drugs and arm it to the... err... beak with enough heavy weapons to turn an army of enemies into gibs? That's right - you get Pablo the Cyber-Penguin, the star in Jouni Lahtinen's
and his team Penguin DT's freeware Soldat-Turrican hybrid sci-fi/action game...

TAGAP - The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

As far as Jouni and PDT's concerned, we adore penguins - but testing experimental military stimulants on animals like them is SICK enough stuff, and this game, boils and gargoyles, is a worst-case-scenario of pyrotechnical sorts.

Photobucket [Pablo - one mean lil' penguin, armed to the beak]

Here's the rundown on this said scenario, accordin' to Recon:

A short time ago, a certain military supplier has succeeded in connecting a living brain into a computer. This was done with the aid of Dr. Glowenko's design-drug, TAGAP (Tissue-Augmenting, Green, Addictive Pill). Glowenko then, without warning, went insane and decided to get his death-grip on the world with an army of (guess what?) cybernetic PENGUINS!

One of the penguins, codenamed "Pablo", wasn't too happy about being used in the "mad scientist" act and revolted against Glowenko, who soon decided to put a TAGAP-price on Pablo's head and sent his penguin army – led by the fearsome "Pedro" – after him.

This is where YOU, as Pablo the Penguin, come into the world of TAGAP.

'Sides, if someone has the guts to actually try penguin world domination, we're all up for it. But wait, femmes and mechs, there's more:

TAGAP 2 - Meaner penguins, bigger guns and more pills!

According to sources, the story about this sequel takes place a couple of months after the events of TAGAP. It seems that Dr. Glowenko was actually hired by an international organization, Random Evil Pharmaceuticals (REP), to build the cyber-army. However, Dr. Glowenko soon went nuts with his cyber-penguins and cut his connections to his REP benefactors, leaving them with nothing but a step-by-step guide for creating killer penguins. When Pablo and Pedro track the supply-trail back to the remote warehouse, they stumble on an even bigger cyberzombie penguin army, leaded by general Primo, the latest and most advanced cyber-penguin ever. More advanced and better equipped, Primo and his troops are going to finish what Dr. Glowenko’s own private army once started:

To conquer the world!

Here is Surveiliance information about REP, straight from the blog:

Aptly named Random Evil Pharmaceuticals (or REP for short) is the fabric that ties everything in TAGAP 2 together. While concentrating mainly on drugs and health care products, being a massive multi-sector, multi-national enterprise, REP has subsidiaries all around the world. One of those happened to be Glowenko Industries, the REP CEO's own pet contracted to create an invincible army of killer cyborgs. Unknown to the CEO, Dr. Glowenko (being the nutcase he was) abandoned the proper research and went on for a "penguin apocalypse".

Their genius Dr. Glowenko going AWOL and solo, REP finds themselves left with perfected blueprints of a cyborg army... of penguins. Still eager to continue the project, but lacking a visionary leader able to adapt the technology for use with other species, REP restarts the project creating a new penguin army – and a new general, Primo.

And when Pablo and Primo stumble upon it all, the game is on.

And one more thing: this is why I LOVE indie, freeware games. I HIGHLY recommend TAGAP for all those freeware, sci-fi and action fans - includin' Soldat and Turrican ones... not ta mention the penguin-lubbers.

Trust me - you'll be addicted to those green bio-modifyin' pills in this indie fragfest. Just don't overdose, right? (One more note: judging by the names in the Office level, is Jouni a DooM addict, or is it just me?)

2009. júl. 13.

Command and Conquer 4 - Tiberium Saga, Epilouge

It's finally official, GDI, Nod and Scrin personels - the end of the Tiberium Saga's upon us. Command and Conquer 4 was announced by EALA and will end the Tiberium Era - but the Command and Conquer's 15-year legacy will live on, no matter what.



2062 Unit Intel


GDI Crawler
Unnamed Bomber
Unnamed Fighter
Mammoth Mk. IV
Titan Mk. III
Predator Mk. II
Zone Trooper Mk. II


Nod Crawler
Unnamed Aircraft
Unnamed Mech
Unnamed Tanks


Revenge of The Fallen

This movie ROCKED as much as the first Transformers movie. In fact, expect an insanely high Transformer casualty rate and visceral, explosive 'bot-on-'bot action times 20 in this sci-fi/action movie.

The galaxy's changin', but war, as an old habit, dies hard.

2009. júl. 5.

NEXUIZ and Military Museum

[Establishing personal log, 2009.07.05....]

Man, what a freakin' good day I just had. Visitin' the ol' Military History Museum at Buda Castle sure is a refreshin' experience for me. This museum has it all: guns, swords, armor, uniforms, tanks, airplanes, explosives, decorations, et cetera. Completely unlike those other museums I visited.

The next coolest thing I have is a completely free FPS, based on the Darkplaces Quake engine: NEXUIZ.

Nexuiz - Simple, Fast, Intense and Completely Free

This kick-butt game combines the classic, fast-paced, action-oriented and visceral Deathmatch you knew and loved in Doom, Quake, Unreal, Serious Sam and Painkiller with the eye-fryin' and brain-bursting advanced effects of next-gen FPS effects common in Halo, Crysis, F.E.A.R., and so on. And guess what - Nexuiz is FREE, so all you gotta do is just download, install and play it. Trust me, this free FPS will QUAKE your world harder than you ever know - about as hard as a Rocket flying right into your family jewels and express-mailed to the next county.

2009. júl. 2.

mentre83's Transformers Generation 3

[Establishing personal log, 2009.07.01....]


Andrea's Transformers - Generation 3 project is no ordinary fan project - from 2 Cyberntronian species - Transformers with modern alt-modes and Minicons to Pretenders, Vehicons, a whole host of mind-boggling innovations and most of all a breathtaking story, this Italian uniquity is sure not to disappoint you. Boy, is that mentre83 G-O x2-D good at pixel art, being inspired by Nick Kelsch. But I bet he's also as good at blueprint-style drawing as I am.

[Terminating log...]