2007. dec. 31.

2008.01.01 New Year's Eve

[Establishing log: New Year's Eve, 2008.01.01...]

It is finally over.

2007 have finally ended, and so did the Storm of Nova Moskva.

When the firestorm died out, the ESU realized that they cannot win with such a worthy opponent like the HGR, even with their massive fleets, so they decided to stand down. It looks like we did it. The Hungarian Galactic Republic is a free nation now, and free to roam throughout the stars.

Even the ESU fleets inside Új Budapest found out the defeat at Nova Moskva, even with our fleets shattered and bruised. The Ruskies have finally gave up... but don't celebrate just yet - they still exist up to today, and will once again try to assimilate us by FORCE. But it looks like they no longer have the strength and firepower left to do that.

As of this, the light that was dying out quickly burst out as a sign of the coming of 2008 AD.
But just because the HGR-ESU War is over doesn't mean it is all at an end... it was only the beginning.

Me? After taking out many ESU Capital Ships and fighters and fighting in the Storm, it looks like I'm going to retire from my position as captain of the HGRSS Intimidator and live a new life... beyond the final frontier.

This is it. No more 2007. But it was only the beginning for the new age of the final frontier....

With all that, I'd like to thank everyone from all around the final frontier.
Enemies, past, present and future - I will make sure you will burn in the grill-hot fiery depths of Hell... LITERALLY.
Friends, past, present and future - We will continue to fight for your lives, destinies and memories.

To me - I will finally abandon this old life of mine and begin a whole new life. May my memory function on till the day my light finally dies out.

Well, that's it. I've got it all of 2007. Terminating log.

[Terminating Log]


Unimatrix One



2007. dec. 30.

Entering the New Year - Logfile 2007.12.30.

-- Establishing log: 2007.12.30... --

This is captain Lévai József here.

This is it. The dawn of a new year - and a new age - is at hand.

The December Dementia has been successfully halted after all attempts to stop HGR-ESU-UPA aggressions. The battles around our system are now over, but the Storm of Nova Moskva will only be ending when the new year arrives.

All units are reported to form on our fleets and prepare for the 2008 Entry immediately. I know it's a dangerous mission, I ALWAYS know that - but we must do it if we are to survive!

To the Hungarian Galactic Republic - we will fight on for your survival.
To all races, past, present, future, friend, enemy, old, new, unknown, known, strong, weak, fast, slow, advanced, primitive -- live on to the future!
Everyone else -- may you find a new future beyond the Final Frontier.

Budapest: Old Might Rebuilt

Engaging 2008 Entry in 10 seconds...

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... ENGAGE!

Nexus Logo

-- Terminating log: 2007.12.30. --

And one more thing: Nexus is TRULY the priverledge of my country. When it comes to Sci-Fi, us Hungarians are the Kings out here, aren't we? It has EVERYTHING Legacy should have been.
[Addendum Terminated]

2007. dec. 28.

Logfile: 2007.12.28.

[Captain's Personal Log: 2007.12.28....]

Well, after all this, this is it.

2007 was the year the HGR have fought its greatest battles out against the ESU. Right now, the Storm of Nova Moskva was in full swing, and both sides are taking a bruising. For those of all of you who don't know of the Storm, here is this Voice of Új Budapest entry:



The Storm of Nova Moskva
It has finally happened. By order of Fleet Admiral István Richard Jones, commanding the Budapest SDN "Budavár", the HGR Fleets have opened fire on the ESU starships in Nova Moskva, deep within ESU space. Already, the casualties and devastation was escalating. Only time will tell the outcome of the bloodiest fight the HGR have ever fought...

Stand by for more information as the battle progresses.

I discovered new worlds, fought with new and old enemies, built and lead many starships and armies to victory, met new and old allies, but NEVER before I set course for a NEW universe for the new year....

the Nexus universe. This new universe is more vast and richer than I come to remember, with more systems, worlds, races, starships, weapons, technologies and choices and a galaxy that awaits my immediate conquest.

So then, I'm off to the Nexus universe, the systems calling my name to come here. In a matter of a few days, 2007 will soon become a memory, and so will come 2008... but I've got a feeling March 2008 will going to be a dark one...

See you at the NEXUS.

Nexus Logo

[Terminating Log: 2007.12.28....]

2007. dec. 16.

Logfile 2007.12.16

[Captain's Log - 2007.12.16...]

Well, we're almost there to the new year, given the fact that it is Winter now. I can't believe that year went out that fast like an FTL Drive. And Christmas is nearby on top of that - the special moment of everyone's lives out here, even for the warring factions of the Full Thrust, Star Fleet Battles, Babylon 5 Wars, Wing Commander and the vastness of many other universes out here.

Currently, the Hungarian Galactic Republic voted and agreed that they will prepare a Christmas party lightyears ahead of everything else. However, with the fighting of the December Dementia and the IJSF and ESU ready to attack at any time, this is not going to be an easy ride for us...

especially when our main Starfleet has reached the ESU home system Nova Moskwa and is about to begin the Storm of Nova Moskwa that will determine the fate and future of the 2 empires.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mounting a full-scale assault on a heavily guarded homeworld in December is madness, even for me. But this is MY kind of madness. I can hardly wait for that day when the ESU finally pays the ultimate price and we will be granted independence at last...

But not now - the Confederation is calling my name into the battlefield of space, so I'm better off into my Starfighter and light the sky up. This was Lévai József, Cpatain of the Intimidator and Confed Starfighter pilot, terminating log now.

[Terminating log - 2007.12.16...]


Let this Facehugger I have here serve as a warning of the incoming intergalactic brawl of a lifetime between the Xenomorph and the Yahjura races in AVPR, coming this Christmas (12.25.07).


2007. dec. 13.

Voice of Új Budapest - 2007.12.13

Have ESU, HGR and UPA aggressions gone too far?
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Warning to all HGR citizens: we have been informed that the United Planets of America and the Eurasian Solar Union are starting to go berzerker on each other since the UPA-ESU War have begun years ago. It is apparent that the situation - and the 2 sides' sanity - is going out of control. Already there are full-scale attacks and massive defenses going around in the UPA-ESU Borders, and in each other's territory as well. Be warned of any incoming fire from both sides.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As you can see the combat picture here, even the Hungarian Galactic Republic's starting to suffer from severe combat bloodlust. We're unsure and confused about why we are fighting against the warring 2 sides, but it is evident that the war is going too far, not to mention it is affecting our minds and sanities.

It is estimated that should Christmas (2007.12.25) come without having the aggressions remedied in a way at once, then the whole known space will be devastated in mere moments by the war. This aggression, citizens of the HGR, is officially classified as the "December Dementia" because of the fighting and chaos it happens to go around for so long.

All fleets in duty and in normal status are hereby ordered with a simple task: contain and halt all current aggressions with the HGR, ESU and UPA forces before the situation goes out of control and the consequences will be devastating. Even long-time veteran Lévai József of the "Megfélemítő" is on the prowl to halt the aggressions once and for all....