2007. dec. 13.

Voice of Új Budapest - 2007.12.13

Have ESU, HGR and UPA aggressions gone too far?
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Warning to all HGR citizens: we have been informed that the United Planets of America and the Eurasian Solar Union are starting to go berzerker on each other since the UPA-ESU War have begun years ago. It is apparent that the situation - and the 2 sides' sanity - is going out of control. Already there are full-scale attacks and massive defenses going around in the UPA-ESU Borders, and in each other's territory as well. Be warned of any incoming fire from both sides.

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As you can see the combat picture here, even the Hungarian Galactic Republic's starting to suffer from severe combat bloodlust. We're unsure and confused about why we are fighting against the warring 2 sides, but it is evident that the war is going too far, not to mention it is affecting our minds and sanities.

It is estimated that should Christmas (2007.12.25) come without having the aggressions remedied in a way at once, then the whole known space will be devastated in mere moments by the war. This aggression, citizens of the HGR, is officially classified as the "December Dementia" because of the fighting and chaos it happens to go around for so long.

All fleets in duty and in normal status are hereby ordered with a simple task: contain and halt all current aggressions with the HGR, ESU and UPA forces before the situation goes out of control and the consequences will be devastating. Even long-time veteran Lévai József of the "Megfélemítő" is on the prowl to halt the aggressions once and for all....

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