2007. dec. 16.

Logfile 2007.12.16

[Captain's Log - 2007.12.16...]

Well, we're almost there to the new year, given the fact that it is Winter now. I can't believe that year went out that fast like an FTL Drive. And Christmas is nearby on top of that - the special moment of everyone's lives out here, even for the warring factions of the Full Thrust, Star Fleet Battles, Babylon 5 Wars, Wing Commander and the vastness of many other universes out here.

Currently, the Hungarian Galactic Republic voted and agreed that they will prepare a Christmas party lightyears ahead of everything else. However, with the fighting of the December Dementia and the IJSF and ESU ready to attack at any time, this is not going to be an easy ride for us...

especially when our main Starfleet has reached the ESU home system Nova Moskwa and is about to begin the Storm of Nova Moskwa that will determine the fate and future of the 2 empires.

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Mounting a full-scale assault on a heavily guarded homeworld in December is madness, even for me. But this is MY kind of madness. I can hardly wait for that day when the ESU finally pays the ultimate price and we will be granted independence at last...

But not now - the Confederation is calling my name into the battlefield of space, so I'm better off into my Starfighter and light the sky up. This was Lévai József, Cpatain of the Intimidator and Confed Starfighter pilot, terminating log now.

[Terminating log - 2007.12.16...]

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