2007. dec. 28.

Logfile: 2007.12.28.

[Captain's Personal Log: 2007.12.28....]

Well, after all this, this is it.

2007 was the year the HGR have fought its greatest battles out against the ESU. Right now, the Storm of Nova Moskva was in full swing, and both sides are taking a bruising. For those of all of you who don't know of the Storm, here is this Voice of Új Budapest entry:



The Storm of Nova Moskva
It has finally happened. By order of Fleet Admiral István Richard Jones, commanding the Budapest SDN "Budavár", the HGR Fleets have opened fire on the ESU starships in Nova Moskva, deep within ESU space. Already, the casualties and devastation was escalating. Only time will tell the outcome of the bloodiest fight the HGR have ever fought...

Stand by for more information as the battle progresses.

I discovered new worlds, fought with new and old enemies, built and lead many starships and armies to victory, met new and old allies, but NEVER before I set course for a NEW universe for the new year....

the Nexus universe. This new universe is more vast and richer than I come to remember, with more systems, worlds, races, starships, weapons, technologies and choices and a galaxy that awaits my immediate conquest.

So then, I'm off to the Nexus universe, the systems calling my name to come here. In a matter of a few days, 2007 will soon become a memory, and so will come 2008... but I've got a feeling March 2008 will going to be a dark one...

See you at the NEXUS.

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[Terminating Log: 2007.12.28....]

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