2007. dec. 31.

2008.01.01 New Year's Eve

[Establishing log: New Year's Eve, 2008.01.01...]

It is finally over.

2007 have finally ended, and so did the Storm of Nova Moskva.

When the firestorm died out, the ESU realized that they cannot win with such a worthy opponent like the HGR, even with their massive fleets, so they decided to stand down. It looks like we did it. The Hungarian Galactic Republic is a free nation now, and free to roam throughout the stars.

Even the ESU fleets inside Új Budapest found out the defeat at Nova Moskva, even with our fleets shattered and bruised. The Ruskies have finally gave up... but don't celebrate just yet - they still exist up to today, and will once again try to assimilate us by FORCE. But it looks like they no longer have the strength and firepower left to do that.

As of this, the light that was dying out quickly burst out as a sign of the coming of 2008 AD.
But just because the HGR-ESU War is over doesn't mean it is all at an end... it was only the beginning.

Me? After taking out many ESU Capital Ships and fighters and fighting in the Storm, it looks like I'm going to retire from my position as captain of the HGRSS Intimidator and live a new life... beyond the final frontier.

This is it. No more 2007. But it was only the beginning for the new age of the final frontier....

With all that, I'd like to thank everyone from all around the final frontier.
Enemies, past, present and future - I will make sure you will burn in the grill-hot fiery depths of Hell... LITERALLY.
Friends, past, present and future - We will continue to fight for your lives, destinies and memories.

To me - I will finally abandon this old life of mine and begin a whole new life. May my memory function on till the day my light finally dies out.

Well, that's it. I've got it all of 2007. Terminating log.

[Terminating Log]

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