2007. júl. 26.

Summer Camp is over

Aye aye you've read that right. After 5 weeks of madness and games, my Summer Camp tour of duty is finally over. It was very well, I think. Seeing those ol' friends - and enemies - has got me seeing memories - fine and awful. I always re-live the fine memories, and as for awful ones - well, lost pains are better off lost.

It's always refreshing to go to the ol' Balaton again... this year, 2 times. Ahh, the memories of splashing, swimming, diving, everything, incluing the sun... those were the good ol' days. And now... now it's all over, so will summer.

Also, with my 5-week summer tour of duty finally over, I have no other options than to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the good ol' times. But alas, I have this feeling that all good things must come to an end.


Before I prepare for school once more in the 8th grade, I feel that it's high time I left you this Motivator poster I made as a farewell present:

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As closing words, I hereby quote S.H.O.D.A.N.:

Enjoy your victory, human, for the remainder of your short.... life....

2007. júl. 25.

Corona Galactica Races

The United Earth Federation Space Command (UEFSC)
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As mankind's last hope in defeating the opposition and escaping the now-collapsing Corona Galaxia, the UEFSC was developing experimental warships in their central command of Delta 744 to combat both the Kranzoths and the Renewers. During the year 2254 (AG 412), a Renewal fleet has brought the whole home fleet to this galaxy - and this galaxy was fallng apart quickly since they were attempting to recreate Corona Galaxia in their own renewing image.

2007. júl. 18.

To Balaton I go

To whom it may concern,

If you recieve this message on tomorrow, that means I have left for the Balaton along with my campmates. The climate is has hot as the lake of fire, and you may get sunburn, insanity and knockout issues. An UV-Warning beyond 3 and marked with ## is a lethal UV sign - and THAT will quickly ruin your day if you're unprepared, along with your life.

So it is the surivial of the strongest around here in Hungary - and anyone whose temper was shortened by the searing heat and got enough guts may stay here.

That's why are we going to the Balaton tomorrow. I am planning to bring my scuba gear with me - just to be the envy of the sea, if envy was a virtue rather than a sin, of course. And while I am away from duty, my fleet will be set to red alert status, intercepting any intruder that may make the mistake of attacking my home.

So it is written, so it will be done. See you after the trip.

Captain Lévai József
Commanding officer of the Battleship "Intimidator", Budapest-class
Leader of the 5th Fleet

PS: I have got my new fighter, the F-44 Rapier II Blade, just something to gloat over while I was away.
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2007. júl. 13.

Voice of Új Budapest 2007.07.13.

Komorán launced and destroyed IJSF attackers

In the battle of the Holdföld system, the 5th Hungarian Fleet have fought it out against the invading Imperial Japanese Space Force starships, each warship falling easy prey to their Hyperwave Distortion Cannons, until the prototype of the Komorán Advanced Cruiser has successfully launched from Holdföld Starbase 54 on Zamári, 3rd planet of the Holdföld system.

The IJSF have thought that the prototype would be easy prey - but when the Komorán engaged in battle with the latest in IJSF-HGR hybrid technology, their theory proved false. This prototype inflicted more damage than it suffered with reverse-engineered IJSF weapons, along with some HGR ones. Numbers of Japanese ships fell like they were made out of paper.

The remaining Japs, intimidated by the Komorán's strength and technological prowess, fled back to their home base, damaged and scarred, woving never to return again. The prototype is a success - mass-production can now begin, however, with some serious resource shortfalls.

Károly János, Acting Prime Minister of the HGR Government, speaks out this issue with his own words:

"Why are the Japanese hunting on us? Are we no more than poor, defenseless and inferior creatures that just wait until the superior one rips us to shreds and tatters?! Whatever drives the IJSF to do this thing is anyone's guess. But NO, we are NOT prey, NOT inferior, and we will NEVER go down without a fight with THEM. If they are to reassimilate us into the NSL, or what I call them Space-Nazis, then let them - we will ALWAYS come back, stronger than ever! We will NEVER stop till the Eurasian Solar Union has been brought to the brink of annihilation, core worlds burning in scorching fire.

Should we also fail this, if we are going out in the heavily-reinforced ESU space, then we'll take those communist monsters with us in a BLAZE OF ANTIMATTER GLORY!!!"

2007. júl. 8.

Starnet Starship Database

Starnet HK Fighter
Class: Fighter
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Starnet has perfected the space version of the Aerial Hunter-Killer - the HK Fighter is to be lightingly fast, sleek and lethally agile like the AHK, the only difference is that it is space capable. However, a design flaw was occured - being lightly armored and having only 2 Blasters resulted as an easy target for TechCom Starnavy ships.

Starnet Heavy HK Fighter
Class: Heavy Fighter
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The space version of the Ground HK Tank, the Heavy HK Fighter can finish any TechCom fighter off with its Gatling Pulses, a Gattling Blaster and its 2 Gluon Bolters in no time flat. While being protected with heavy armor, the speed performence of the Heavy HK Fighter is however overshadowed by its weight.

Starnet TS-2100 Obliterator
Class: Heavy Cruiser
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The highly successful Heavy Cruiser of the Starnet Terminaton Fleets, the TS-2100 Obliterator have shown no mercy to TechCom Starnavy ships and crewmen. Its abundance of Lasers, Blasters, Gatling Pulses, Tachyons and Point Lasers are the main reasons why it's a bad idea to attack it unprepared.

Starnet TS-4000 Annihilator
Class: Dreadnought
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Dreaded for years and armed with a massive arsenal, the feared TS-4000 Annihilator made by Starnet has mercilessly torn scores of TechCom Starnavy capital ships and fighters apart - quickly, lethally and terrifyingly. Slow speed, however, is the Annihilator's one well-known weakness.

Starnet TS-4000x Annihilator Final
Class: Advanced Dreadnought
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The Final version of the feared TS-4000 Annihilator Dreadnought, the TS-4000x model has improved weapons, more tougher armor, and more devastating effectiveness on the intergalactic battlezone. The proof of it is that it has destroyed a TechCom Liberator on its battle test drive singlehandedly. There is, however, a shared weakness from its precedessing model: slow speed.

Starnet TS-5600 Regenerator
Class: Carrier
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The answer to the TechCom Starnavy's Servitor Carrier, the TS-5600 Regenerator Carrier hosts HK Fighters as their mothership. A ship that was to be a mobile repair center and a Demeter warship was the concept in Starnet's databases, and the Regenerator has both of it. With thick armor and NanoMatrixes, this was the result of Starnet's concept for an equalient. There is only one problem - it lacks the Quantum Sidethrusters the TechCom Servitor has.

Starnet TS-7000 Armageddon
Class: Battleship
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Starnet, realizing that the TS-4000 Annihilator Dreadnoughts were useless as they were destroyed at the hands of John Connor and his Independence battleship, was forced to create a ship deadlier, stronger, and more dreaded than any other Starnet Termination Fleet ship, a geniune battleship, armed with all the weapons found in the battlezones. The TS-7000 Armageddon, Starnet's Host Ship, was the inevitable result.

Starnet TS-9000x Armageddon Final
Class: Experimental Battleship
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While Starnet was fighting the war in his Host Ship, the Starnet Shipyards' programming was building a new experimental Battleship on a concept forgotten long ago before the Galactic War - without Starnet's permission. When the TS-7000 Armageddon Battleship was destroyed by John Connor and his TechCom Home Fleet, Starnet auto-uploaded back to his Nervebase just in case he is about to be destroyed, only to end up in the core computer of the latest and ultimate masterpiece of Starnet killing machinery, the TS-9000x Armageddon Final - built exclusively for Starnet.

It utilizes the new Aegis Deflectors, an advanced deflector that never runs out of energy, thus rendering the section permanently invincible, and the Flux Generators that draws a protective forcefield around wherever the user had in mind.

TechCom Starnavy Ship Database

TechCom Striker
Class: Fighter
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The Striker is the TechCom Starnavy's well-known Fighter. Its manuverability, speed and agility makes this the TechCom pilot's choice. However, armed with only 2 Blasters and having weak armor, it is an easy prey for heavier Starnet ships.

TechCom Enforcer
Class: Light Cruiser
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Being the mainstay of any human fleet, the Enforcer Light Cruiser will make sure they will be safe and sound from any Starnet HK attacks, but innefficient against bigger ships. It is armed with Point-Lasers that'll intercept any incoming fire from Starnet ships.

TechCom Defender
Class: Heavy Cruiser
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The latest paramount of TechCom Starnavy starships, the Defender Heavy Cruiser utilizes the Deflector Generators, a technology that envelopes a starship section with an impenetratable force field that renders it invulnerable, thus giving the TechCom Defender the advantage to destroy the Starnet ships. However, if the Deflectors are destroyed, the Defender will be left defenseless against Starnet TS attacks.

TechCom Liberator
Class: Dreadnought
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TechCom's response to the Starnet TS-4000 Annihilator, the Liberator Dreadnought is the result of John Connor's concept for an equalient. With Tachyons, Lasers, Demeters and other weapons, it can destroy a Starnet HK wing and a TS-2100 Obliterator with itself. However, slow speed is the only obstacle the Liberator will never overcome.

TechCom Servitor
Class: Carrier
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The TechCom Servitor is the concept of spacebound carriers - it is both a mobile repair base and a deadly efficient Demeter warship. The turning speed is enhanced with Quantum Sidethrusters that'll increase the Servitor's survival chances. Unfortunately, a swarm of Starnet battleships will signal the immediate death knell for the Servitor's otherwise tough armor.

TechCom Independence
Class: Battleship
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John Connor's designed and personal flagship, the Independence is the ultimate TechCom Starnavy battleship. Having seen action for years, this ship is armed to the teeth with Lasers, Tachyons, Blasters, Demeters. Point-Masers and the Gluon Bolters - an arsenal this big would singlehandedly take out Starnet capital ships.

Terminator 2029 - Galactic Destruction

For years, mankind was spread to the stars, colonizing and discovering new worlds, trading items, exploring systems. For years, mankind has been in peace.

However, peace does not last forever.

Skynet, upon gaining sentience, has demolished mankind with nuclear missiles on Earth. The planet is now crawling with Terminator and Hunter-Killer Units. Most of mankind is still out in space and on their worlds, feeling safe from the machines.

But the most horrible is yet to come.

Starnet, Skynet's space army, was hidden for years and is programmed to prevent any human to escape into space, has been activated and is building a massive Termination Fleet. The fleet consists of the new spacebound HK Fighters and the Terminator Starships (TS). The human race was quickly overwhelmed and caught off guard by the new enemy, and is now surrounded with Complexes guarding the borders - any organic element attempting to pass through space was terminated.

However, mankind will never give up, even if this is the last battle they have to fight.

The TechCom Resistance, led by John Connor, has created their own battleships and fighters, thus forming the TechCom Starnavy. With hope and courage on their side, the TechCom resistance engages their ships against Starnet and their ships. Little do they know that Starnet is also ready to exterminate the human race.

The war between man and machine has once more begun, but this time, it is taken to the stars....

2007. júl. 6.

Save the Internet

Slavery is irrelevant. Fascism is irrelevant. Control is irrelevant.
Protection is inevitable. Fight is inevitable. Liberation is inevitable.
Profit is illogical. Money is illogical. Companies are illogical.
Net Neutrality will be protected. Company Takeover is a design flaw. Gatekeepers are nonsense.

Save the Internet: Click here

Logfile 2007.07.06.

Captain's Log: 2007.07.06.

Those Japs are at it again - they have somehow traced our location and launched a complete surprise attack on the Holdföld system. Just in case you don't know, the Holdföld system is the home site to the new Komorán-class Advanced Cruiser, using advanced IJSF technology we've gathered from those unsuspecting Japs mixed with ours and added with an Advanced FTL Drive.

If the Japs get their chance in razing Holdföld Base and get our prototype of the Komorán - the results will be crippling and irrecoupable. Expect a massive fog of Samurais and Mecha Fighters around Holdföld orbit - they can chop more than sushi, and one wrong move will add you in their menu. In fact, I REALLY hate to be "Hungarian Meat" on their Sushi bar.

Our Reinforcements' ETA is currently 1h 5m, but I technically doubt anything will be left of the Komorán by the time they arrive. But it hardly matters to me - I'll do my best to ward those katana-wielding lunatics off till the Komorán launches to the occasion. I just only hope my ship has enough firepower to get rid of them all.

2007. júl. 4.

New Starships sighted and Early Era

New HGR starships are sighted leaving the HMG Shipyards near Új Budapest space.

Betyar class FSC
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A fleet without fire support is a lost one - and the loss of the 10th Fleet to a severe IJSF surprise attack have proved Hungaria Militia Galactica to build a Cruiser that can support the losing fleet some cover fire. Thus was the concept of the Betyar class Fire Support Cruiser.

Csillag (Star) class XCW
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The recent discovery of the Advanced FTL Drive has led the Hungarian Galactic Republic
to create the cruiser that can jump into warp faster than any FTL-capable starship, thus giving
the starship a speed advantage. However, the drive is still in the experimental phase, and
one direct hit on the ship's core can result in a devastating explosion.

Vontato (Mover) class FR
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A fleet commander's vital resupplier, the Vontato will make sure it has all the supplies the fleet
needs to survive - that is, until the enemy manages to destroy it.

And now, the archived database found in the Hungaria Galactica Museum brings up a ship
that helped the NSL - and the rebelling HGR - survive in the darkest of times....

Kossuth class EDN
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Armed with many Ion Cannons and Missile Launchers, the Kossuth has managed to obliterate and dent any major
enemy attack - however, having these much cannons can weigh down the ship, thus resulting
in a severe slowdown. The thick armor that guarded the ship from many attacks is now rusting
due to its age and experience. This ship is now in the HGM Starship Section.