2007. júl. 13.

Voice of Új Budapest 2007.07.13.

Komorán launced and destroyed IJSF attackers

In the battle of the Holdföld system, the 5th Hungarian Fleet have fought it out against the invading Imperial Japanese Space Force starships, each warship falling easy prey to their Hyperwave Distortion Cannons, until the prototype of the Komorán Advanced Cruiser has successfully launched from Holdföld Starbase 54 on Zamári, 3rd planet of the Holdföld system.

The IJSF have thought that the prototype would be easy prey - but when the Komorán engaged in battle with the latest in IJSF-HGR hybrid technology, their theory proved false. This prototype inflicted more damage than it suffered with reverse-engineered IJSF weapons, along with some HGR ones. Numbers of Japanese ships fell like they were made out of paper.

The remaining Japs, intimidated by the Komorán's strength and technological prowess, fled back to their home base, damaged and scarred, woving never to return again. The prototype is a success - mass-production can now begin, however, with some serious resource shortfalls.

Károly János, Acting Prime Minister of the HGR Government, speaks out this issue with his own words:

"Why are the Japanese hunting on us? Are we no more than poor, defenseless and inferior creatures that just wait until the superior one rips us to shreds and tatters?! Whatever drives the IJSF to do this thing is anyone's guess. But NO, we are NOT prey, NOT inferior, and we will NEVER go down without a fight with THEM. If they are to reassimilate us into the NSL, or what I call them Space-Nazis, then let them - we will ALWAYS come back, stronger than ever! We will NEVER stop till the Eurasian Solar Union has been brought to the brink of annihilation, core worlds burning in scorching fire.

Should we also fail this, if we are going out in the heavily-reinforced ESU space, then we'll take those communist monsters with us in a BLAZE OF ANTIMATTER GLORY!!!"

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