2007. júl. 8.

Terminator 2029 - Galactic Destruction

For years, mankind was spread to the stars, colonizing and discovering new worlds, trading items, exploring systems. For years, mankind has been in peace.

However, peace does not last forever.

Skynet, upon gaining sentience, has demolished mankind with nuclear missiles on Earth. The planet is now crawling with Terminator and Hunter-Killer Units. Most of mankind is still out in space and on their worlds, feeling safe from the machines.

But the most horrible is yet to come.

Starnet, Skynet's space army, was hidden for years and is programmed to prevent any human to escape into space, has been activated and is building a massive Termination Fleet. The fleet consists of the new spacebound HK Fighters and the Terminator Starships (TS). The human race was quickly overwhelmed and caught off guard by the new enemy, and is now surrounded with Complexes guarding the borders - any organic element attempting to pass through space was terminated.

However, mankind will never give up, even if this is the last battle they have to fight.

The TechCom Resistance, led by John Connor, has created their own battleships and fighters, thus forming the TechCom Starnavy. With hope and courage on their side, the TechCom resistance engages their ships against Starnet and their ships. Little do they know that Starnet is also ready to exterminate the human race.

The war between man and machine has once more begun, but this time, it is taken to the stars....

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