2007. júl. 6.

Logfile 2007.07.06.

Captain's Log: 2007.07.06.

Those Japs are at it again - they have somehow traced our location and launched a complete surprise attack on the Holdföld system. Just in case you don't know, the Holdföld system is the home site to the new Komorán-class Advanced Cruiser, using advanced IJSF technology we've gathered from those unsuspecting Japs mixed with ours and added with an Advanced FTL Drive.

If the Japs get their chance in razing Holdföld Base and get our prototype of the Komorán - the results will be crippling and irrecoupable. Expect a massive fog of Samurais and Mecha Fighters around Holdföld orbit - they can chop more than sushi, and one wrong move will add you in their menu. In fact, I REALLY hate to be "Hungarian Meat" on their Sushi bar.

Our Reinforcements' ETA is currently 1h 5m, but I technically doubt anything will be left of the Komorán by the time they arrive. But it hardly matters to me - I'll do my best to ward those katana-wielding lunatics off till the Komorán launches to the occasion. I just only hope my ship has enough firepower to get rid of them all.

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