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TechCom Starnavy Ship Database

TechCom Striker
Class: Fighter
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The Striker is the TechCom Starnavy's well-known Fighter. Its manuverability, speed and agility makes this the TechCom pilot's choice. However, armed with only 2 Blasters and having weak armor, it is an easy prey for heavier Starnet ships.

TechCom Enforcer
Class: Light Cruiser
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Being the mainstay of any human fleet, the Enforcer Light Cruiser will make sure they will be safe and sound from any Starnet HK attacks, but innefficient against bigger ships. It is armed with Point-Lasers that'll intercept any incoming fire from Starnet ships.

TechCom Defender
Class: Heavy Cruiser
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The latest paramount of TechCom Starnavy starships, the Defender Heavy Cruiser utilizes the Deflector Generators, a technology that envelopes a starship section with an impenetratable force field that renders it invulnerable, thus giving the TechCom Defender the advantage to destroy the Starnet ships. However, if the Deflectors are destroyed, the Defender will be left defenseless against Starnet TS attacks.

TechCom Liberator
Class: Dreadnought
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TechCom's response to the Starnet TS-4000 Annihilator, the Liberator Dreadnought is the result of John Connor's concept for an equalient. With Tachyons, Lasers, Demeters and other weapons, it can destroy a Starnet HK wing and a TS-2100 Obliterator with itself. However, slow speed is the only obstacle the Liberator will never overcome.

TechCom Servitor
Class: Carrier
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The TechCom Servitor is the concept of spacebound carriers - it is both a mobile repair base and a deadly efficient Demeter warship. The turning speed is enhanced with Quantum Sidethrusters that'll increase the Servitor's survival chances. Unfortunately, a swarm of Starnet battleships will signal the immediate death knell for the Servitor's otherwise tough armor.

TechCom Independence
Class: Battleship
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John Connor's designed and personal flagship, the Independence is the ultimate TechCom Starnavy battleship. Having seen action for years, this ship is armed to the teeth with Lasers, Tachyons, Blasters, Demeters. Point-Masers and the Gluon Bolters - an arsenal this big would singlehandedly take out Starnet capital ships.

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