2007. júl. 4.

New Starships sighted and Early Era

New HGR starships are sighted leaving the HMG Shipyards near Új Budapest space.

Betyar class FSC
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A fleet without fire support is a lost one - and the loss of the 10th Fleet to a severe IJSF surprise attack have proved Hungaria Militia Galactica to build a Cruiser that can support the losing fleet some cover fire. Thus was the concept of the Betyar class Fire Support Cruiser.

Csillag (Star) class XCW
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The recent discovery of the Advanced FTL Drive has led the Hungarian Galactic Republic
to create the cruiser that can jump into warp faster than any FTL-capable starship, thus giving
the starship a speed advantage. However, the drive is still in the experimental phase, and
one direct hit on the ship's core can result in a devastating explosion.

Vontato (Mover) class FR
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A fleet commander's vital resupplier, the Vontato will make sure it has all the supplies the fleet
needs to survive - that is, until the enemy manages to destroy it.

And now, the archived database found in the Hungaria Galactica Museum brings up a ship
that helped the NSL - and the rebelling HGR - survive in the darkest of times....

Kossuth class EDN
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Armed with many Ion Cannons and Missile Launchers, the Kossuth has managed to obliterate and dent any major
enemy attack - however, having these much cannons can weigh down the ship, thus resulting
in a severe slowdown. The thick armor that guarded the ship from many attacks is now rusting
due to its age and experience. This ship is now in the HGM Starship Section.

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