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Starnet Starship Database

Starnet HK Fighter
Class: Fighter
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Starnet has perfected the space version of the Aerial Hunter-Killer - the HK Fighter is to be lightingly fast, sleek and lethally agile like the AHK, the only difference is that it is space capable. However, a design flaw was occured - being lightly armored and having only 2 Blasters resulted as an easy target for TechCom Starnavy ships.

Starnet Heavy HK Fighter
Class: Heavy Fighter
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The space version of the Ground HK Tank, the Heavy HK Fighter can finish any TechCom fighter off with its Gatling Pulses, a Gattling Blaster and its 2 Gluon Bolters in no time flat. While being protected with heavy armor, the speed performence of the Heavy HK Fighter is however overshadowed by its weight.

Starnet TS-2100 Obliterator
Class: Heavy Cruiser
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The highly successful Heavy Cruiser of the Starnet Terminaton Fleets, the TS-2100 Obliterator have shown no mercy to TechCom Starnavy ships and crewmen. Its abundance of Lasers, Blasters, Gatling Pulses, Tachyons and Point Lasers are the main reasons why it's a bad idea to attack it unprepared.

Starnet TS-4000 Annihilator
Class: Dreadnought
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Dreaded for years and armed with a massive arsenal, the feared TS-4000 Annihilator made by Starnet has mercilessly torn scores of TechCom Starnavy capital ships and fighters apart - quickly, lethally and terrifyingly. Slow speed, however, is the Annihilator's one well-known weakness.

Starnet TS-4000x Annihilator Final
Class: Advanced Dreadnought
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The Final version of the feared TS-4000 Annihilator Dreadnought, the TS-4000x model has improved weapons, more tougher armor, and more devastating effectiveness on the intergalactic battlezone. The proof of it is that it has destroyed a TechCom Liberator on its battle test drive singlehandedly. There is, however, a shared weakness from its precedessing model: slow speed.

Starnet TS-5600 Regenerator
Class: Carrier
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The answer to the TechCom Starnavy's Servitor Carrier, the TS-5600 Regenerator Carrier hosts HK Fighters as their mothership. A ship that was to be a mobile repair center and a Demeter warship was the concept in Starnet's databases, and the Regenerator has both of it. With thick armor and NanoMatrixes, this was the result of Starnet's concept for an equalient. There is only one problem - it lacks the Quantum Sidethrusters the TechCom Servitor has.

Starnet TS-7000 Armageddon
Class: Battleship
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Starnet, realizing that the TS-4000 Annihilator Dreadnoughts were useless as they were destroyed at the hands of John Connor and his Independence battleship, was forced to create a ship deadlier, stronger, and more dreaded than any other Starnet Termination Fleet ship, a geniune battleship, armed with all the weapons found in the battlezones. The TS-7000 Armageddon, Starnet's Host Ship, was the inevitable result.

Starnet TS-9000x Armageddon Final
Class: Experimental Battleship
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While Starnet was fighting the war in his Host Ship, the Starnet Shipyards' programming was building a new experimental Battleship on a concept forgotten long ago before the Galactic War - without Starnet's permission. When the TS-7000 Armageddon Battleship was destroyed by John Connor and his TechCom Home Fleet, Starnet auto-uploaded back to his Nervebase just in case he is about to be destroyed, only to end up in the core computer of the latest and ultimate masterpiece of Starnet killing machinery, the TS-9000x Armageddon Final - built exclusively for Starnet.

It utilizes the new Aegis Deflectors, an advanced deflector that never runs out of energy, thus rendering the section permanently invincible, and the Flux Generators that draws a protective forcefield around wherever the user had in mind.

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