2010. nov. 20.

ŰRHÓDÍTÓ - Video Game history exhibit in the Traffic Museum

If you can see this, femmes 'n mech, boils 'n gargoyles, it means I and Dad took a drive and then a walk into the "Űrhódító" video game history exhibition at the Traffic Museum, home to many ages of transportation from steam engines to early modern cars. And you know what? It ROCKED hard. Too bad it's gonna go bye bye in 21st November, so we hadta take the shot. Guess what it had - PONG, Space Invaders, early arcade and console and PC game classics from the '70s and '80s to kick-butt classics of the '90s arcades and PCs and consoles... including iD's DooM and Terminator 2: Judgement Day arcade game, and last, but not least, modern examples, such as the PS2. And that's not all, folks. Űrhódító also exhibited two types of PC virch: early primitive experiment and modern Leonar3Do. Hey, with Leo3Do, who knows, maybe I can forge any of my original Transformers, including one Lunazuki, to life in 3DVR glory. (heheheheh)

With no further ado, the recon files:
Virch PC platforms: before and after Leo3Do.
Left: can't one think anything more ridiculous than this early virch PC? Right: Leo3Do live.
Leonar3Do. Imagine what killin' machines I can draw up with this baby over here... and what damage I can cause when used as a VR game system post-Virtuality...
Playing Space Invaders on an ol' computer and big-butt TV. Had some out-of-practice experiences, though.
The joyball. A trackball used as a controller? Now I've seen it all.
One of the primitive lightguns before the Zapper and its Wii version.
The controllers ma 'n pa played their games when they were kids.
The Computer makes Checkmate. From Farkas' clever chessmachine to the modern chess computer. "You = Cheater!" said the chess computer to the basic one.
The Arcade. Space Invaders, Pac Man and T2 included.
Cartridges from the good ol' days to later '90s blocksmashers... hungarian titles included.
DooM. Demons, demons everywhere, and only a handful o' UAC marines to stop 'em ice-cold.
Me, rippin' SkyNET a new one in the T2 Arcade game, akimbo style. "Hasta la vista, baby" - as the Terminator said it best.
Final pay for "Gabriel" (Terminator 1) and "Lucifer" (Terminator 2) from all the property damage inflicted on SkyNET. Dad liked my pro two-in-one-man-army approach in this one.