2007. jún. 30.

Voice of Új Budapest 2007.06.30

The Hódító successfully crushes ESU strike force

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It was a long and ardourous fight, but in the end, the prototype of the Experimental battleship Hódító, with the help of Home Fleet and the other Fleets, have successfully broken the bones of the ESU Strike Fleet. Most ESU ships are devastated, the surviving ships, crippled but still moving, retreated to ESU space for repairs and rearming.

As the battle have ended, the Hódító's trial by fire has been passed successfully. Mass production of the experimental warship can now begin, however, this might take valuable resources, crewmen and time to construct them all. It may be unknown if another ESU, NSL or IJSF attack may occur, but one thing is certain: we're prepared for the next attacks that is yet to come in HGR space.......

Meanwhile, several Samurai-class Heavy Cruisers were spotted nearby the HGR-UNSC Border by a single taskforce of 5 Carpatias. With hostile intent, the Samurais have ambushed the taskforce, trying to prevent the taskforce from knowing the truth. But all was vain for the kamikaze psycho Japs, as the Carpatias have destroyed most of them, others were left cripped for dead.

Hungarian Galactic Republic - VirMin Ships

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Virtual Miniatures - VirMin. A new, digital way to crete and use Miniatures in your computer. With the help of DOGAs Level 1-3, these HGR ships are manufactured and sent to the virtual battlezone. And now, YOU too can make your own VirMins.

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