2007. jún. 27.

Voice of Új Budapest 2007.06.26

2 New HGR ships have been created:

Sasszem (Eagle Eye) class GSC
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Hódíto (Conqueror) class BB-X
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The Hódító (Conqueror) class Experimental Battleship has been completed

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After acquiring ESU and JSF technology and years of construction and research, the Hungaria Militia Galactica shipyards is proud to present the new experimental Battleship, the Hódító-class. Utilizing ESU and UNSC weapons and the Japanese's FTL Drive, this ship will lead the HGR to its final victory against the ESU tyranny. Long-time veteran Fleet Admiral Kovács Zoltán has assumed command of the prototype warship as its Starship Commander.

However, Turul squadron Puma have detected several ESU Dreadnoughts and Heavy Cruisers heading their way to destroy the experimental starship, therefore criplling the HGR and helping the NSL to re-assimilate the HGR. Little do the Ruskies know that the Hódító has been prepared for its first combat test. All ships orbiting Hungaria Militia Galactica space has been assigned to guard the prototype at all costs - failure will result in immediate morale loss and uncontrollable panic...

"I don't know how those bleedin' ruskies know where we are," said Commodore Mihály János of the Heavy Cruiser "Hazavédő", "but one thing is obviously certain now: we Magyars will never go down in a blaze of glory without a great fight! We'll throw everything we have at those red starred monsters till either we or they fall down!"

The Home Fleet and all other fleets' priority objective is to prevent the ESU attacking fleet before they manage to destroy the new battleship. As of today, all ships are ordered to combat and all systems are locked down for the end of the battle for Hungarian freedom. If the Home Fleet can't destroy the incoming enemy fleet, then none can....

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