2007. nov. 15.

Historical Record: The first Hungarian FTL Starship

[Beginning record: 2075.12.25.]

[Static. The screen clears up to reveal a bridge of an early HGR starship. A Centurist in a combat armor is in front of the camera, fiddling and adjusting it.]

Leader Regimentist Jones
"Are we on the line, Centurist?"
Centurist Gábor
"Y- yes, I.... think so, Leader Regimentist."
Leader Regimentist Jones
"Alright, then, let's get this show on the road."

[Gábor leaves the pov of the camera. The Leader Regimentist steps into view, taking position. He clears his throat.]
"If anyone recieves this recording into, it is because we, the HGR, have made it. I am OF-9 Leader Regimentist Jones, commanding officer of the Hungarian FTL Starship "Conqueror", en route to a new star system we have found using one of our probing satellites. Call us insane if you will, but this is our only course of escape. We believe this system contains planets habitable enough for us to call home. That is why we dubbed the new system "New Budapest". We have made designs to create our starship fleets, gathered enough of their technology and resources, and we are carrying billions of Hungarians to that single star system. Already, there are NSL and ESU starships currently hot on our trails, but we've made them busy for a while using a lure to trick them into thinking they are enemies and against each other.

"What is the Conqueror?" you might ask. Well, I'll explain it: having got our hands on advanced starship and FTL technology, we were constructing this fine starship, well-hidden from the controlling governments and the other states, based on one of our designs. Just in case we're attacked, we've armed it with our Magma Plasma Launchers, Laser Interceptors and Missile Launchers. When the Conqueror was finished, we've loaded everything into the ship we had, installed the FTL drive, and bided our time, waiting for the right time to strike.

As of this, we've declared independence from all 4 major powers by launching the Vándor and set the navcoms for the new system. It sure got the NSL in a shock they'll never forget. Unfortunately, it wasn't without side effects: NSL ships were hot on our tail and tried to shoot us down, but try all they want - it's too late to stop us now.

The FTL jump will commence in just one minute. Our ship's FTL Drives are at 95% and rising. By the time we warp into the new system, we'll be at last home free. To all of those who are left behind on Earth and under the grip of the NSL, may God be with you at all times, and to everyone else aboard the ship... good luck everyone.

Engineer, report FTL Drive charge status. [Engineer: We've hit the 100%, sir.] Excellent. Commence Hyperspace Jump to "New Budapest" at once. Remember, if we misjump, we're history. [Crewman: Yup, and winding up on the wrong side of a Lenin-class will ruin your whole day.] FTL Jump in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Hyperspace Jump!"

[The FTL Starship jumps into hyperspace. As the bridge went bright, static comes up again.

[Terminating record: 2075.12.25.]

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