2009. júl. 20.

Joe's Top 15 Rockin' Cool Things

And now, ladies and gentlemen, femmes and mechs, boils and gargoyles, it's time for my Top 10 list for the things I love the BEST, aptly named...

Joe's Top 15 Rockin' Cool Things

15. Human Assisted Robots (HAR)
Neural-controlled mechanized gladiators, size times 30. Need I say more?
14. Military Mechs
From small-and-sneaky war surgeons to oversized robotic havoc-makers (such as the Mammoth Mk. II), they're the best of the best the military of the future can bring. Rock 'n Roll.
13. Pipe Organs
Something to play the March of Deaths for the losers' remains with...
12. Space Battleships
Platforms of DEATH in space.
11. Hungarian Sci-Fi
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is a perfect example of that.
10. Powered Armors
Especially those Japanese girls wearing them... armed and armored to the teeth is what I do best.
9. Tanks
From giant, nuclear cybertanks to biometal-powered antigrav tanks, these are my #1 choice in frontline havoc-wreakin'. OGRES FOREVER!
8. Transformers
Military and Civil vehicles in one moment... oversized, armed-to-the-teeth Cybertronian robots the next... and back again. All in one neat, hi-speed sci-fi/action package.
7. Guns
LOTS and LOTS of guns, kinetic, energy, light, heavy, close combat, long range, modern, future...
6. Space Battles
360° degrees of guaranteed intergalactic PAIN.
5. Militant Aliens
Can't live with 'em. Can't play war without 'em. Take the Strogg for example.
4. Freeware Games
Whoever said the best guns in life can't be free has picked the WRONG day to do so.
Nexuiz - Simple, Fast, Intense and Completely Free
3. Luigi Colani
EVERYTHING ol' Colani makes is of sleek, round bio-design. Don't believe me? Take a look.
2. Anti-Gravity Fighters
Every pilot's #1 choice in fighting the enemy in a 360° enviroment.
And the #1 best thing in my life is:

Whose shedded blood can wipe everyone clean of sin - all you need to do is REPENT to Him. Need I say more?

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