2007. aug. 20.

Voice of Új Budapest 2007.08.20


August 20th - Hungary's birthday

Today, we celebrate the founding of Hungary in August 20th of 2007. All fleets are to attend and protect HGR space from all possible ESU, IJSF, NSL and alien attacks until the ceremony is over.

5th HGR Fleet, your orders is to cover us while we proceed with the ceremony from any possible enemy attack - we are currently busy setting up our Fireworks for the night, and if the enemy gets the chance to detonate them... Új Budapest will become a used battlefield, and the holiday will be ruined, preventing us to raise our morale.

Update - 2111 Hours
The fireworks are simply BEAUTIFUL. Those guys at both the Chainbridge and the Elizabeth Bridge know how to use such cutting-edge pyrotechnics - as usual. Because of this, no IJSF, NSL and ESU attacks will be happening, so we'll be safe for now. As for me, all I have to do is just sit back, relax, grab food and drinks, and enjoy the fireworks. I'll see you later in the universal battlefield when this is over.

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This is Captain Lévai József, part-time news broadcaster and commander of the HGR Battleship "Félelmitő" signing off until further notice.

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