2011. márc. 3.

GuwangeDash - Annihilatin' Big in Japan

(Cripes. And just when I thought XenoFighters R is the only crossover shmup...)

GuwangeDash, AKA Guwange-Ruga-Daioujou-XII-Kizuna-Down (Ugh. Long title's gonna stick with me for a while...), is like one massive shoot 'em up party from the fine japanese folks from the GuwangeDash 2ch thread - and naturally, everybody's invited.

Let's do the math, will we, folks?

Treasure +
G.Rev +
every doggone STG developer left
the unholy japanese freeware fanfiction shmup mess that is GuwangeDash.

The situ in a nutshell: looks like the ultimate in military dictatorships, consisting of the worst of the worst of an already bad bunch in the world, have finally got our one and only Blue Planet in Sol that is Earth all under their control, all with the help of the most omnipotent gem large and in charge behind the scenes.

But just when you think all hope's gone with the wind... better think twice, 'cuz here comes the most lethal shmup All-Stars squadron, ranging from hi-tech fighter-bombers to assault helicopters, from oldie-goldie veteran spaceships to the bleeding edge in fresh military technology, all ready to make this alliance of evil shmup enemies and bosses equal to the ground.

There's one catch, alas: what of this Dream Team would you pick to go on a one-fighter starfleet rampage through a bullet curtain of death?

One thing's for certain, though, in this shmup war to end all else: if you're goin' out in a blaze of gory glory, the enemy would know they've been in the fight of their lives.

Only one way to find out: download this gem of destruction from our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun and let it rip.

BIG time.

Because the second I'm in one the fighters, trigger on finger, the enemy in front of me and the computer says "DESTROY"... everything's about to go south for the bad guys.  

WAY south.

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