2011. máj. 1.

Mother's Day

[Personal Log recording...]

As I type this log into my system, today just happens to be May 1st, which here is Mother's Day... and it's come to my attention just how much it stinks seeing mothers die from my 3 and 9 o' clock, left and right, in my missions, accident and/or intent - I take a look at the photo below and my mind processes about it. In fact, the world would be void with my mom gone... and her comeback as a stinkin' gun-totin' rottin' reject known as a zombie'll only make the pain of loss worse than it already is, knowing from playing one DooM too many.

There are times I wish mommy would be with me forever, and I suppose the ZECT Rider system's Clock Up would do the trick... but hey, we're only human, and this ain't the Grid - people don't belong there, not even Sam, even if I happen to build a digital space station to call home.

So, here's to all the moms, then, now, forever...
(Of course, losing family does not affect Imperial Space Marines. In fact, you take one of their battle brothers down, hundreds of your troops are gonna be fed to their war machine's furnace... just a quick warning.)

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