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[Commander's note: the Transformers are no doubt my favorite robot action figure toyline and TV series... especially Beast Wars (Matter of factly, Beast Wars was my first exposure, the first episode I saw when I was little was Chain of Command), and I've had an unhealthy interest in the Cold War through the Red Alert line of the Command and Conquer series created by Westwood Studios. I thought... "Transformers + Cold War = Delicious heavy metal mayhem." And that's how I created this series... with a little alien spicing.

Without further ado, on with the show...]

Planetary cold war, like snow, descends upon the lonely Earth-type planet, orbited by its twin moons, named "Pannonis" in its 56th year in winter, snow covering the ruined urban battlezones.

The cold war between the West Union and the East Concordium was so tense, some cities of Pannonis' omnihumanoid dominant natives, the pannonii, can be easily mistaken for Hungary's war-torn era of AD 1956, both superstates' aggressive natures kept in check by experimental, unconventional weapons systems, such as maglev tanks, linear interceptors, flying wings, orbital weapons platforms, lunar neonuke silos, gravline battletrains and, as of late, powered suits and combots, in addition to secret space corps.

Peace is kept and made by the Hexagon independent space station, making sure nobody pushes the button to MAD by both sides, out of paranoia or not - but as cruel fate would have it, those powerful few behind the scenes are using the Hexagon and its military to spill innocent blood for the sheer love of it to the point of weakening everyone's nerves. What's worse, one of Pannonis' moons, Magor, is secretly home to a surviving superstate of subjugators thought gone for good: the Triaxis, massing its own hi-tech guerilla military to one day redecorate the snowland in blood for their defeat.

Worse still, with all these orbital combots in use by all sides on the wartorn urban planet, pannonii alien paranoia, like the winterfall, blankets the planet as much as neonuclear hysteria chokes Pannonis, Magor and Hunos to the point of nervous meltdown. And as fate would have it, an alien machine race, already known as the Transformers, came upon and crashed into Pannonis one snowy winter night...

One side, the Unitecs, wish to rid Pannonis and the pannonii of the horrors of war. No matter what.
The other, the Concoroids, undergoes armed intervention to see what makes this world tick.

Times change. But war never changes. Never did, never does, never will.

Anno Pannonis 56.

A year that will go down in history as the year the Transformers made the pannonii cold war go hot.

EXTRA hot.

       Red Alert 

Episode Guide
Season 1 - Anno Pannonis 56

001: Mission 1, Phase 1
002: Mission 1, Phase 2
003: Mission 1, Phase 3
004: Operation: False Gods
005: Going Red
006: Hostile Hostages
007: First Time For Everything
008: Top Guns
009: Search, Rescue and Destroy, Part 1
010: Search, Rescue and Destroy, Part 2
011: Search, Rescue and Destroy, Part 3
012: Triaxis Nacht
013: Mission to the Moons
014: Hexagon, Part 1
015: Hexagon, Part 2
016: End of the Line, Part 1
017: End of the Line, Part 2
018: End of the Line, Part 3

Holiday Special: Red Christmas

Season 2 - Anno Pannonis 72

019: Red Tide, Part 1
020: Red Tide, Part 2
021: Red Tide, Part 3
022: Day Off
023: Special Forces, Part 1
024: Special Forces, Part 2
025: Special Forces, Part 3
026: Look Who's Back
027: Neonuclear Disaster
028: Time to Heal, Time to Kill
029: Enemy Public #1
030: Project: Genesis Pannonis, Part 1
031: Project: Genesis Pannonis, Part 2
032: Project: Genesis Pannonis, Part 3
033: Operation: Curtain Call

Season 3 - Anno Pannonis 84-91

034: Pannonis War 3, Part 1: It Begins 
035: Pannonis War 3, Part 2: Invasion Pannonis
036: Pannonis War 3, Part 3: United they Fall
Pannonis War 3, Part 4: Friends from High Places
Pannonis War 3, Part 5: The Heart of It All
Pannonis War 3, Endgame: Out of Ashes, Peace
040: Morning Again in Pannonis
041: Zone 56
042: Under New Management, Part 1
043: Under New Management, Part 2
044: Under New Management, Part 3
045: Return of the Big Rigs

Intercepted Alien Transmissions - Preview to Visitors
T Minus 3: First Contact
T Minus 2: Invasion En-route
T Minus 1: Final Warning

The Movie: Visitors - Anno Pannonis 96

Season 4 - Anno Pannonis 96-99

046: Whirlwinds of Change, Part 1
047: Whirlwinds of Change, Part 2
048: Whirlwinds of Change, Part 3
049: Whirlwinds of Change, Part 4
050: Research and Destruction
052: Earth
053: Visitors
054: Flight of the Monolith
055: Revelations
056 - Halloween Special: From Beyond the Grave
057 - Halloween Special: Unholy Alliances
058: Codename: Extinction, Part 1: Warning Bells
059: Codename: Extinction, Part 2: Cardinal Assault
060: Codename: Extinction, Part 3: One Minute to Midnight
061: Gathering Storm
062: Golgotha, Part 1
Golgotha, Part 2
Golgotha, Part 3
Golgotha, Part 4
Golgotha, Part 5

Season 5 - Late Anno Pannonis 99

067: Operation: Liberty, Phase 1
068: Operation: Liberty, Phase 2
069: Operation: Liberty, Phase 3
070: Operation: Liberty, Phase 4
071: Operation: Liberty, Endgame
072: Tomorrow
073 - Christmas Special: Cyber-Angel's Song
074 - Christmas Special: Coming of Silent Night
075: Operation: Revelation, Phase 1: Alpha of the Omega
076: Operation: Revelation, Phase 2: Hexagon Revisited
077: Operation: Revelation, Phase 3: Dance with the Devils
078: Operation: Revelation, Phase 4: End of the Road
079: Operation: Revelation, Phase 5: A Farewell to Pannonis
080: New Generation's Eve (Operation: Revelation, Endgame)
081: '56 Forever (Series Finalé)

Top-Secret Films - AP 56-99

O001: Unitecs
O002: Concoroids
O003: Triaxis Invaders
O004: Hexagon Peacemakers
O005: Project: Genesis
O006: Visitor Invader Fleet
O007: Pannonii Cold War History
O008: AP 56: Cold War Transformers
O009: AP 72: Concordium Invasion
O010: AP 84-91:
Pannonis War 3
O011: AP 96: The Visitor Invasion
O012: AP 96-99: Alien GENESIS
O013: AP 99: End of an Era

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