2008. dec. 22.

2008.12.22. - The Raptured

[Commander's note: It's BEEN a long time since I went to this Újbudai Middle School - and believe me, the scenery may change, but the all-too-human attitude of the others is constant. Plus I didn't updated this blog for MONTHS.

Mass Effect, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, Wormhole and the upcoming Rapture were the inspirations that forced me to create this human galactic civilization.]

The Raptured

The Raptured are the end result of Terrans rescued by the benevolent Saviors who, in exchange for "rapturing" them from Earth, blessed them with a new homeworld in the Empyrrean Nebula, Empyrrean II, advanced technologies, ranging from Dark Energy-powered weapons and starships to nanotechnology and FTL Drives, and most of all, an unimaginably bright future, all in a long time ago, when Man rose and was at the beginning of the Anno Domini era, not to mention his first steps in space flight.

Thanks to the Saviors, the Raptured, as these human offshoots are now called, and formally the United Empyrrean, spread, advanced and prospered on their Eden-Winterland home, creating advanced starships of their own and colonizing worlds as a means of expanding their empire - Edenia I, Evangelya Prime and Velor Prime, to name a few. And they went further in peace...

Until the Raptured first made contact with 3 new alien races: The Dominae, the Synthyen and the Arachnids. Of all the 3, only the Dominae proven themselves to be friendly to the Raptured, with the other 2, the Synthyen and the Arachnids, are blatantly hostile. While the Dominae are motherlike in nature, thanks to their matriarchial society and advanced medical technology, Arachnid and Synthyen worldviews are different in goal, but all too typically same in outcome: wipe everyone out, including your own if neccessary.

This is when the joint Raptured-Dominae military machine started to gear up for the upcoming Synthyen-Arachnid war in 2075.10.21. The ensuing war was so fast-paced, so devastating and visceral, it nearly torn each other apart.

F9 Hellfire Fighter
F9 Hellfire Fighter Blueprint

F10 Wraith Assault Fighter
F10 Wraith Assault Fighter Blueprint

G7 Locust Gunboat
G7 Locust Gunboat Blueprint

B4 Hellstorm Bomber
B4 Hellstorm Bomber Blueprint

FR5 Plague Frigate
FR5 Plague Frigate Blueprint


CR17 Apostle Cruiser
CR17 Apostle Cruiser Blueprint

CR19 Prophet Heavy Cruiser
CR19 Prophet Heavy Cruiser Blueprint

BA12 Revelation Battleship
BA12 Revelation Battleship Blueprint

BA13 Armageddon Siege Battleship

BA13 Armageddon Siege Battleship Blueprint

CV7 Ark Carrier
CV7 Ark Carrier Blueprint

CV9 Michael Supercarrier
CV9 Michael Supercarrier Blueprint

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