2008. jún. 14.

2008.06.14. -- It's all done

[Establishing Captain's Log: 2008.06.04...]

Woof! I can't actually BELIEVE time flies fast! Last week, on 2008.06.02., I think I've reached my 17th year of my life. In that case, to whom it may concern, say congrats to me for my Birthday!

Also, I was waiting for the time I got out of this Montágh Imre Elementary School for good, and yesterday, in 2008.06.13., that time is now - I have graduated from this school in a ceremony us Hungarians prefer to call the "ballagás". God, that REALLY did it for me. But as Fettel said, I am living "a life of waking from one nightmare only to find yourself deep in another", so, in layman's terms, out of the fire and into the frying pan, as next season, I'm about to go to the Újbudai Middle School.

Without further notice, it's all done for me. Another chapter of my life finished greatly, and a new one begins with a bang.

That's all I can write for now. Seeya!

[Terminating Log... ]

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