2008. máj. 17.

Full Thrust DOGA-CGA Rosters

[Establishing Log - 2008.05.17....]

Ever since I started up the HGR in 2007, there have been many, many starships we've in our database from the Full Thrust Universe. Thanks to DOGA-CGA, my imagination of having a Hungarian faction - the Hungarian Galactic Republic - in the FT Universe have become a reality.

Also, when I thought about having an independent American faction, named the United Planets of America, the possibilities were endless. Well, that is also a reality. You can thank Space General - World War IV for the name of the faction.

So, without further words, here is the Fleet Roster of my FT Starships I've created in DOGA so far:

The Fleets of the FT Universe

FT Fleet Rosters

And individually:

Hungarian Galactic Republic [HGR]
HGR Fleet Roster
Eurasian Solar Union [ESU]
ESU Fleet Roster
United Planets of America [UPA]
UPA Fleet Roster
Imperial Japanese Space Fleet [IJSF]
IJSF Fleet Roster

Let this serve as a milestone and a reminder of my Full Thrust DOGA Starship construction abilities for years to come.

And one more thing - our fleets are detecting familiar enemy signatures in the area. They might be the NSL, which is coming soon to you.

Well then, done and gone. I'll be logging into you next time, with new tech, new ships, new races and new battles. But before that, this is where I'm off.

[Terminating Log...]

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