2008. ápr. 7.

Personal Log - 2008.04.07

[Establishing Personal Log - 2008.04.07...]

Well, long time, no siege, I think. I haven't recorded anything since I got down 'n dirty in one of the bio-metal tanks, commanded my fleet of Starships to victory, flew into battle with those Shivan Zero-G dirtbags, ripped the curtians off the darkest of secrets and conspiracies, and, well, partied hard with some pretty hyper music after this'n'that.

Alright then, the usual subjects at hand.

As far as I can remember, I was having these... strange dreams. SO strange, when I woke up, I feel like I wanna sleep again, but I think it might be my combat experinces is influencing them. Last time I play FreeSpace 2 SCP in full speed ahead on the Shivans...

And as finisher, allow me to show you the Fighters and Bombers of the SCP Mod, INFERNO!

That's it for today. Till further notice, I'll be sortieing once more for the GTVA to kick more serious Shivan rear!

[Terminating Personal Log - 2008.04.07...]

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