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Disconnected Memories

Systems Alliance History File TFA-205905232
"Disconnected Memories"

Submitted by Lt. Colonel József "UltimateOptimus" Lévai

[Subject's Note: At first, I thought of it as an origin story into subject's past... but I thought it better to send her into the future of Mass Effect. After all, the Bible said it true: leave the familiar past behind, and step into the unknown future.]

"These are Protoforms? This is where I came from?"

- Terratronian Sari Sumdac, "Endgame - Part 2"

Terran Year (TY) 2059.05.23.
Earth, Luna, Sol System, Milky Way
During Deceptigeddon

The battle is on. Megatron's Lunar Invasion Force, consisting of 3x Dark Guardians (Decepticon-made Omega Supreme clones), have already made planetfall into Earth (Sol IIIA) and is currently engaging the Earthbound Autobots, led by none other than the one and only Optimus Prime. However, the Command Guardian, captained by Megatron himself, was incapacitated, and the other 2 are taking heavy fire from the Autobot team in a battle that will bear a name:


Meanwhile, on Luna, Earth's moon (Sol IIIB), Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Sari, having defeated the shapeshifting Decepticon Infiltrator Shockwave, despite his immense strength and his clever Autobot Longarm disguise, while Ratchet and Arcee were to regain control of the Autobot WMD, were moving through the Protoform chamber in the wrecked Decepticon warship, named the Nemesis, the techno-organic (or terratronian, as we humans in the Alliance now prefer to call them) girl happened to chance upon an open protoform. She analyzed this proto-transformer up-close.


Sari: These are protoforms? This is where I came from? I know there was a reason I need to be here.

But as soon as she transferred the energy to the protoform, suddenly it grabbed one of Sari's hands, startling her. Then the protoform started to take shape as the DNA data was transferred, eventually shape-shifting into another terratronian, an exact, but older, copy of Sari, wearing a cybertronian hardsuit, Medium class, similar to the armors worn today by Alliance infantry - a copy that, to Sari, seemed familiar - perhaps TOO familiar.

Sari: MOM?!

Then, like having one's head cleaved in two by a Chainsaw, a painful surge landed home on the terratronian teen's head. Memories are now rushing into Sari's brain - memories of events she was NEVER a part of. Memories that are severely off to her. Memories of a future Sari never, EVER dared to dream about.

Disconnected memories....

2183 CE
Citadel Station, Serpentis Nebula, Milky Way
During the SSV Normandy experimental Stealth Frigate test


If the future is like an everchaging, violent thunderstorm of chaos, then most will be right - it is not set, not yet. And it is another fact that the future does NOT lie in the past. This is but one of the visions of the future, one of things to come - a spectacular one, to be exact. One of the Systems Alliance of now.

A vision of an immense station (which, later, doubles as a Mass Relay), hidden deep in the Serpent Nebula, named the Citadel.

A vision where a human, as changing as it is, exists, called simply "Commander Shepard".

This is where and when Sari regained consciousness after the excessive amounts of excruciating pain she went through in the memory transfer process... only to wake up adrift in space, in the middle of the Serpent Nebula, and in front of the Citadel - and to discover she is now in the body of the elder Sari copy instead of her terratronian teen body - bluntly, she IS the elder Sari. She was struck with horror, and was left with 3 questions:

Sari: (Where am I? Why I'm in that OTHER body?! And how in the Allspark am I gonna get outta here?!?!)

However, seeing that there is no one to answer her questions, Sari then made a personal log recording in her suit:

Sari: Lt. Colonel... Sari, personal log recording, estimate date: ...2185. I, at this time, am currently adrift in the Serpentis Nebula, Citadel space... possible human, in a Systems Alliance-issue, modified medium hardsuit, Onyx X M-class - damage to hardsuit... yet to be reported. Weapons... yes, but locked. Until anyone can send a Search-and-Rescue (SR) operation and retrieve me before my O2 supply is depleted which, due to my race and the currently available technology, is very unlikely, I am making this recording in this case.

While the terratronian records her current, detailed situation and whereabouts, she started to adapt to - and possibly thrive in - the Zero-G enviroment of the infinity of space in what is best described as a "swim".

Sari: Truthfully speaking, I am not shipwrecked or ejected from any Fighter/Interceptor, or anything at all anyways. Let's just put it bluntly: one moment I was examining what you used to call "protoforms" and experiencing a... weird hallucination, the next... here I am, drifing in this... masterpiece of galactic art that you call this... Serpent Nebula, where, appearantly, houses this strange, alien space structure that you came to call the Citadel.

After getting used to the enviroment, Sari then proceeded to fly towards Citadel... which, given the Nebula's thickness and the distance of the station, is easier typed and said than done. Then, like a thunderstorm screaming through a planet, the sound of a Mass Relay receiving an incoming starship was heard, getting Sari's attention - though she can't see anything, since the nebula is so thick, she can hardly see anything.

Sari: One more thing: this nebula appears to be... unstable. Heaven knows when will a freak ion storm will hit me... or worse, one charged with what you call... dark energy, or even worse, a starship shows up and frags me. If that is to happen, tell Optimus, if he's still around, and to all of the universe... it was for the love of all living--

Before Sari can finish her log, suddenly she was hit in the head from her six (behind) by an incoming and speeding starship, knocking her unconscious. And that starship, if Sari was still conscious, was a Systems Alliance frigate.

A Stealth Frigate.

The SSV Normandy, SR-1.


Still reeling from the damage before blackout, however, Sari saw the Normandy in all her sleek, human-turian designed glory - and felt the power of dark energy dragging her closer into the Normandy's garage by one N7 soldier - one to be revealed to be Commander Shepard - and subsequent hallucinations, one having the elder "Sari" comforting her, ensued before finally blacking out altogether, with only muted heartbeats to accompany her.

Life for Ms. Sumdac will never be the same in the Universe... one where man discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization on Mars in 2148, revealing startling new technologies, granting man travel to the furthest stars.

One where a force, controlling the very fabric of space and time and the basis for these technologies, reigned.

One that the galactic civilizations called...


[End of archived file. Classified by the Systems Alliance as of 2183.05.28., Level Delta - unauthorized access may result in permanent incarceration and/or field execution of subject.]

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