2009. máj. 28.

Normandy MedRep 21830528

Normandy MedRep 21830528
Subject Name: Sari Sumdac

Submitted by Lt. Col. József "UltimateOptimus" Lévai

Subject Info

Family Name: Sumdac
Given Name: Sari
Age: 21 (Approximate)
DOB: Unknown

Pre-Service History: Spacer

Both of subject's parents were in the Alliance military. Subject's childhood was spent on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. Following in her parents' footsteps, subject enlisted at the age of eighteen.

Psychological Profile: War Hero

Early in subject's military career, subject found herself facing an overwhelming enemy force. Subject risked her own life to save fellow soldiers and defeat the enemy despite the impossible odds. Subject's bravery and heroism have earned her medals and recognition from the Alliance fleet.

Class: Vanguard


Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark Red
Species: Terratronian


Sari Sumdac, origin and purpose unknown, was seen drifting in Citadel space, Serpent Nebula - unconscious, reason currently unknown. Subject Sari was recovered by Commander Shepard, age 29, L3 biotic, attached to SSV Normandy, SR-1, during transit to Citadel. Subject transferred to Medical Bay, General Quarters, for resusciation and bioscanning. Resusciation successful - subject Sari currently recovering, in intensive care.

Bioscan revealed subject is an appearent synthetic human - organic/synthetic organs and mechanical bone structure - physical resistance expected: enhanced. Immune system is of hybrid origin - greater regeneration than expected. Brain system revealed to be an organic/synthetic construct, no implants found, containing eezo - expected biotic spike: enhanced. Onyx X M hardsuit revealed to be a symbiotic system, integrated on organic tissue - removal impossible. Armor details the following modifications: antler antennae on helmet, blastskirt on lower torso armor, modified backpack, integrated weapons system. DNA scan revealed unknown, synthetic anomalies - gene therapy required, if any is available. Other than the following abnormalities, subject Sari is found to be at optimal health.

Subject race designated, as of this report, terratronian.
Subject status: Optimal health, recovering.

[End of MedRep. Classified by the Systems Alliance as of 2185.05.29., Level Alpha.]

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