2009. jún. 3.

The Big 18

[Personal Log - LCOL Lévai recording - 2009.06.03....]

So, as of June 2nd, 2009, I turned the big 1-8... guess what? I can finally enjoy the universe of Mass Effect, get down, dirty and psychically nasty in Project Origin, and immerse into more bloody and disgusting things only big men dare to ram their fists into.

Lessee what I got for my 18th lifeyear... a Tribord long wetsuit, a Cheese McRoyal meal, the bi-weekly Armor Magazine, a King Richard VS Gargoyle Mars set... well, correct me if I'm wrong, but THAT was a devillishly good party.

Now usually, 18-year old men get their eyes taped on them... cheesecake nude girls... but me? I'd always steer clear of 'em when I see 'em and focus ONLY on my favorite kind of girl: the powered suited ones. Love ta go into a fully powered armored assault mission with 'em.

And besides powered armored girls, I also LOVE guns and tanks - especially futuristic energy weapons, antigrav tanks, fully-armed starships and cybernetic tanks... like the Ogre, fer instance.

As a personal note in conclusion: "Happy 18th birthday, Joe. Hope yer ready ta run with de big dogs."

[Personal Log terminated...]

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