2009. szept. 12.

SOLDAT - 2D Run 'n Gun TPS

What will you get when you take Liero, Scorched Earth, combine with elements from Worms and Counter-Strike, threw it all into a nasty-lookin' blender and let it rip? Well, 1 picture = 1000 words:

From the twisted minds of Nick "EnEsCe" Cooper & Michal Marcinkowski comes this blood-soaked, online, 2d run 'n gun, third person shooter gem from our Polish friends. From gripping on each other's throats on gun-point in ever-classic DeathMatches to goin' Rambo on your enemies' sorry bottoms in Rambomatch, you won't let Soldat's lack o' 3D catch ya off guard in this ultimately gory fragfest - and with some jetboots thrown in for REAL good measure. Just visualize givin' your opponent the anti-armor bullet-based pain from the nasty ol' M82 or even the Ol' Painless Minigun from Predator while flying with jetboots, and multiply the pleasure of the kill a hundredfold... then you'll get the picture.

Too bad Soldat's SHAREWARE - but that's OK, registration unlocks extra aesthetic options, such as colored jet flames and custom interfaces, to liven things up. And speakin' o' which, Soldat can also be modded - take X-COM: Soldat and Eradication Wars for examples. The X-COM mod brings to you the weapons, technology and aliens from the realm of X-COM, while Eradication Wars puts the "Heavy Metal" into "Heavy Metal War" with nasty, gun-totin', 30ft tall humanoid mechs.

Oh yes - and the F.E.A.R. mods, both Henito Kisou's and wolfbr's versions? Shows you how it feels to be the pointman of the First Encounter Assault Recon in Replica-rippin' tactical combat fun... combined with the fast 'n furiously paced deathmatch of Quake.

Convinced enough to play Soldat? Then why not take a leap into http://www.soldat.pl/ and go get 'em, Tiger? Trust me - you won't regret this rip-roarin' 2D fragathon of a lifetime.

As a finishing note, while Soldat is the apogee of Polish game design, the priveledge of Hungarian Sci-Fi games is... you guessed it:


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