2009. szept. 27.

Total Annihilation - Spring Engine

Make no mistake, fatal even, femmes 'n mechs - Total Annihilation is, simply put, the ultimate in futurisitic, firepower-packed and explosive RTS Games made by that Canuck Chris Taylor, the man large 'n in charge of it, also responsible for its equally explosive spiritual sequel, Supreme Commander. This one's got it all: 2 sides (Arm and Core) in an extragalactic fight to the death, hundreds of robotic military machines thrown into battle, crashin' smoulderin' hulks o' metal, explosions, mayhem and victory - to paraphrase Taylor. What's even sweeter, TA's even moddable, just like SupCom is. Take Talon for example - a 3rd faction consisting of the Core's betrayed cyborg clones filled with hatred, ready to tear the other 2 to shreds with their advanced military technologies... but our Arm 'n Core friends have some new techs up their long, metal-covered, nanolathed sleeves too.

But sometimes, 3D troops on 2D enviorments just won't make the cut. Something more... full-scale, in a completely 3D enviroment, ready to adapt to ANY kind of war, anything, anywhere, anytime, is in order. And take a wild guess what would fill the bill...

That's right, femmes and mechs:

Nanolathed by them Swedish Yankspankers folks and licensed under the GNU GPL, Spring intends to bring the gameplay experience of Total Annihilation (TA) into three dimensions - and guess what, it's even fully moddable. From the most innonatively active Complete Annihilation to fresh originals like P.U.R.E. to the completely at balance Balanced Annihilation, no 2 battle's EVER the same in the Spring Project - and no 2 enemies are spared the agony of having themselves rained upon by barrage after barrage of heavy fire.

But there are some battles where strategy alone just won't be enough to bring your enemy to knees. What last choice leaves you? You guessed it... go into FPS mode in one of your units and charge into the white-hot middle of the battle in 4 millenia of war, gunz'a'blazin' and full steam ahead! If you thought Machines, BattleZone and Urban Assault are the only RTS/FPS games on the block... too bad for you.

So what are you waitin' for like an idle Construction unit? Report to http://springrts.com/, grab the Spring RTS Engine and hit the frontlines, soldier - clone or pattern!

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