2010. jan. 11.

LEGO Mars Mission - MilOpsCom LJ, Last Log on Mars

"Astro military operations (milops) command LJ, personal log recording, 39 AT (2008 AD) December 24.

I, as the martian winter came in full force this christmas eve, am currently recalling the previous events and battles that occured during the now historical Mars Mission of the LEGO Astros. To get the show on the road with, back in 38 AT (2007 AD) the mission started with the launch of the "Eagle" Astro Shuttle from Earth to the Red Planet. Guess what - I was among the Astros who first set foot on Mars.
Upon discovery of energy-bearing crystals, our mission should've been routine: land on Mars, mine the crystals, and return homeworld with the precious new mineral energy source, and we happen to have the mining units for the harvesting job. It should be, given that our ops ran smoothly... but fate and unknown factors had other plans for us, as the crystals we mined began disappearing.

The cause? Took us Astros not long to find out: we have made first contact with Alien life... and definately stealthily raiding to take what's rightfully our property, glowing in the dark and possessing technology we know absolute zero about. This, and more Alien reports by my fellow Astro colleagues, proved that mankind is not alone in the Universe. But once they're discovered, we'll wish we did...

Alien activity, at first, consisted of minor raids, of which Astro infantry easily took care of, but with their cover blown, the Alien scum decided it's hi-time for more open - and violent - military operations to harvest the crystals for themselves as they brought the big guns in, from much-loathed Alien StrikeFighters and Infiltrators to the abominable Mothership, heart of Alien military operations.
What we started out as a routine mining team, as a result of the xeno threat, evolved into a hi-tech military defense force, created to defeat the Alien invasion at all acceptable costs and consisting of Trikes, ClawTanks, AstroFighters, CrystalReapers, SwitchFighters and the flagship Hypersonic Operations Aircraft, in the name of the mission, the Earth and mankind: the Astro Military Force (AMF) and the Astro Special Ops Division (ASOD). Good thing I still have warrior blood in my immune system the time Eagle Command made me MilOps command, just to kick ET keister for a long time.

Only one thing in mind: WAR... but this time on Mars and against a hostile alien race for the crystals. And so did war erupt.

There we LEGO Astronauts were, being the first men on a world other than our blue planet for the sake of mining energy-rich xenominerals and bringing them back to Earth, only to have a peaceful mission degenerate into all-out war upon first contact. Good thing my combine skills of military tactics, economics and firepower as milops

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