2010. aug. 14.

Darkspore - Sci-Fi DNAction

] Booting HELIX opsys... 100% - opsys running

] Welcome to HELIX Genesoft, User Lévai József, species terran.

This MAY indeed come as a BIG surprise to you, boys 'n girls, human and alien and machine, but it is indeed true that Maxis, the men 'n women behind SPORE, Godgame history in the making, and EA, who brought you the hit Sci-Fi Actionventure series Mass Effect by Bioware, have indeed concieved and inseminated the egg of an upcoming Sci-Fi DNAction (heh. First Creatiolutionism, now THIS.) game, codename: DARKSPORE.

I pray to Spode Almighty it won't be no dissapointment.

Imagine yourself into the future. Imagine a race of unrivaled hitech gengineers, the Crogenitors, roaming the galaxy for untold eons, gengineering experiments of generations transforming them from zeroes to galactic heroes, from clay to sculptor. Imagine them creating the 5 Genesis Categories: Plasma, Quantum, Cyber, Bio, and Necro. Imagine the all-changing discovery of Exponential DNA (E-DNA), used to weaponize life itself, and breed an army of who we now know as genetic heroes.

Then imagine, with the accidental unleashing of the Darkspore, a genetic nightmare beyond all forms of control, all bio-heck breaking loose.

That's where you, a fugitive, and your squads of reconstructed (and sometimes original) Living Weapons, come in to jump into the fray and disinfect the galaxy of the Darkspore and its agents and mutated horrors before the whole galaxy becomes one big quarantine zone. But of course, you're not the only fugitive in this side of the galaxy, as this game really, REALLY comes to life playin' co-op, online. Though a fugitive has to do it solo sometimes.

And if you're feelin' extra nasty today, engage in combat with other fugitives' living weapon collections in player VS player mode... provided your gengineered squads are bored and there ain't no bad guy to squish into gibs when they need 'em.

As anticipation - and preparation - for this upcoming genetic masterpiece coming next year Feburary, some SPORE users made recreations of the Living Weapons featured in previews and Comic Con 2010... while I took a whole diff' path and bred terran LWs, just to be safe. Lessee who we have here... Pyros, Reaper, SaniTek, Titan, Chronos... yup, all here. Truly, this would be my vision of a Genetic Age of Earth... oh. And I would treat each and every LW as family, just as any sane HERCommander would treat their Bioderms.

And as conclusion, here's the link with the teaser to drive the point home.

Until then, fellow SPORErs... keep on creatin', evolvin' and adventurin'. (Though I am more of a creator than an evolver, and why should I bother playing God? The crogenitors did - and just LOOK at this resulting galactic quarantine we're in now. That's what you get when you play God, I guess.)

] Logout and System Shutdown command issued.

] Thank you for choosing and using HELIX. The only choice in creating Living Weapons.

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