2010. okt. 29.

SPACE HOSPITAL - Retro-Future Madhouse

Welcome aboard the Space Hospital, ladies and gentlemen, boils and gargoyles, femmes and mechs, my latest retro-futuristic sci-fi comedy favorite set in a (you guessed it) hospital spaceship, created by Sigurd Ueland and Robert Poe. Launched as Ubiquitous Industries' most hi-tech luxury hospital ship, it serves as the Overlord-controlled Centrality's assault hospital ship (AHS), a combination of hi-tech hospital and assault weapons platform dedicated to medical services and blastin' the draconoid lizardbreaths outta the stars. Trust me - you'll enjoy the time you'll spend on Space Hospital - even if you're part of the crew. But I warn you:

Space Hospital is an offworld madhouse. That, and the crew can sometimes have some... screws loose.

If you're any of the nutjobs making the mistake of being staff of Space Hospital, please consult CHRONOS, the hospital central computer, for confessionals and performance evaluations. Otherwise, please suspend your position and depart immediately. Thank you.

] HELIX link to CHRONOS holovid archives established. Patching you through now...

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