2012. ápr. 10.

Omega Antares

Omega Antares
A Cautionary Tacnuke Episode

Omega Antares.
Antares System. 
Alpha Space.
AD 2196.
AP 56.

Narrator: This planet in Alpha Space, Omega Antares, in life, was a Pannonis-like moonless planet orbiting a red star, once home to four alien species and civilizations - the doglike Carnes, the batlike Nokh'torr, the scaraboid Hercoli and the twinhead sectoid Anterei (the undercutting and upstaging Atlantis of the four) - locked in a cold war in 21CB tacnuke war tech levels. Today, a complete nuclear winter cemetery, an eternity of blue snow falling on blackened metropolises and green oceans, with all four species exterminated by the very neonuclear and tacnuclear weapons they have created, based on 1950s-style OGRE cybertank tech, their only legacy orbiting their dead world being the Anterei magnum opus and, therefore, Omega Antares' executioner: Doomsat Omega, a colossal orbital weapons platform packing enough tacnukes and neonukes and spaceborne assault auton-mech squadrons led by Antares One, all armed with the patented Nanodeath nanite weapons system, to wipe out entire civilizations... a function it executed perfectly - perhaps TOO perfectly - in this planet's twilight days.

Omega Antares remained an unknown dead planet... until one day along came a rocket-Transformer from Pannonis: the rocket Transformer Genesis-1, with a crew of 5 Maximals: Minuteman, Cassiopeia, 6Shooter, Rapier and Zero Vector. All of the Unitec Starcom. All of them unaware of this new planet they've set their optics on, much less that giant Doomsat now orbiting this nuclear graveyard. But whatever the cost and come what may, the Unitec Starcom is ready for any mission, any battle... perhaps even for this.

Who knows, the Starcom team might come out of their latest mission heroes - even like reliving Crefac 13...

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