2012. máj. 23.

Infantry - War, Circa 225 CE

"Prepare for battle, men! It's time to go to WAR."

If you're recieving this audio message the first time, soldier, then you've just set foot to the universe of Infantry, originally developed by Harmless Games LLC (hardly an appropriate name, given the wartorn times, ain't it?) and published by Sony Online Entertainment and also provided free. Consult the Infantry Archive often - don't make me go all ol' geezer storyteller on ya.

Sitrep in a nutshell: the calendar is 225 CE (Collective Era). The Collective, a pure-democracy Solsys megapolity which unified Earth and spread Mankind to the Solar System, is gasping dying breaths... but it won't give up the ghost just yet, not without a fight. Operation: Ragnarok permanently severed the bonds between the Collective and the Solsys planets, with Titan, unofficial capital of Outer Solsys, being the strongest of which. Psionics, humans with phenomenally unhuman psi-powers, the first recorded being Albert Rene in 116 CE, are emerging in Solsys to mixed reactions, from joy of a new tool to fight the darkness with to freak witch hunts. War is now boiling upon all of Mankind.

As of 225 CE, Titan and the Collective are at all-out, take-no-prisoners WAR.

And this is where you come in, soldier. Choose your zone, choose your side, choose your weapons, choose your victims... and engage trigger finger upon enemy contact. From the heavy metal warfare of Mechanized Skirmish to classic Capture the Flag warfare on, for instance, Heinreich's Point, from the Bug Hunt between Collective Marines and the Skrall, from participating in King-of-the-Hill havoc on Chambert's Moon to waging battle as anyone you wish to be in the entire Solsys at war in I:RPG, from causing Zero-G sports mayhem in Gravball and yes, even wage outer space war as captain of your Fleet and much, much more, your military options are unlimited. Whether you are a typical Infantryman, a Jump Trooper, a Heavy Weapons Trooper, a Commando, a Gravtank/Mech Pilot, a Spacefighter Pilot/Starship Captain, a Partisan, a Psionic Trooper or even a Skrall yourself, the Solsys is a battlefield, the battlefield your playground.

But a word of warning: War never changes.

So what are you waiting for, soldier? Enlist now!

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