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Human InsiginaThe HumansHuman Insigina

Blade-class Fighter
SF-44V Blade-class Fighter

The ultimate in agile, effective and deadly Starfighter technology, the Humans' SF-44V Blade is designed for patrol, recon, escort and enemy fighter interception.
Its success in the battlezone is ensured with its fast Hyperimpulse Engine and the lightweight Titan-Crysta Armor Plating. Although its agile and lightning-fast speed ensures its surivial, its firepower and armor is insufficient to last a battle tougher than it can handle.

Hammer-class Gunboat
SF-47N Hammer-class Gunboat

The SF-47N Hammer, designed by the Humans, is built for durability and strength. Its bigger size may make its Hyperimpulse Engine slower, but when it comes to holding heavy weapons and lasting more damage than SF-44V Blades can suffer, the Hammer's the #1 Gunboat of its pilot's choice with its Titan-Crysta armor plating covered with Memory-Tritanium Coating.

Whip-class Frigate
Whip-class Frigate

The Whip, being the mainstay Human starship, has superior Subspace engines, equally-lasting Tritanium armor, Long-Range Sensors to find out where the enemy is hiding, and can be fitted with the latest Weapons available. Unfortunately, the Whip cannot last longer than it can handle against tougher ships, but its unmatched agility and exceptional speed would make the Whip-class a perfect scout and a hit-and-run attacker.

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