2008. jan. 15.

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Xchysch InsigniaThe XchyschXchysch Insignia

Ant-class Fighter
Ant-class Fighter

Lightning-fast speed through BioPlasma Engines, exceptional agility and lightweight Crysta-Kitin Carapace - these three things contribute the ensured survival of the Ant, the main Xchysch Fighter, in the battlezones. Inferior weaponry and weak armor, however, are evident causes of this agile insectoid Fighter's downfall. Ants can effectivly cripple larger capital ships if flown in massive swarms.

Wasp-class Gunboat
Wasp-class Gunboat

If the Ant Fighter is no use in battle, then comes its superior, heavily armed and armored with Titan-Kitin Carapace version, the Wasp-class Gunboat. In swarms, the Wasp can surprise and take down enemy starships if effectively flown and directed in battle. However, its armor have made its BioPlasma Engines slower, making it easy prey for the faster starships.

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