2009. nov. 5.

Frogbone Games - Bodnár "Thrall" Gábor

Must I confess, even us magyars can have a piece of the Game Maker action... and Mr. Bodnár Gábor, callsign "Thrall", is one of them, being the exec of his own indie game studio: FrogBone Games.
Now, Mr. Thrall may be new to the GM business, but already he has garnered positive consensus and was regarded as, to quote Sammy Friedman, the "3D Master". Well, don't I heartily aggre with him - Thrall's 3D GM games are beyond any other I've played in my life. Don't believe me? Take his latest creation, "Sky Strategy", for instance. Imagine if you will: what will we get if flight technology has evolved to a point wars are now fought in the skies? The answer's simple: Sky Strategy (or Stratogy, as I call it). Spread your wings and fly to battle as the heroic Skyknights, fighting with jetpack soldiers, birdplanes and Zeppelins (Schwartz Dávid would be proud), or join the cause of the evil Empire with its fleet of jet fighters, helicopters and stealth fighters, in their war for air superiority and the fate of Mankind as we know it. Will the skies be damned to the eternal reign of the Empire? Or will the Skyknight rebels put an end to their tyranny for time immemorial? Find out by playing Sky Strategy.

And let's not forget about "Galaxy at War", another top-down 3D space blastfest from yours truly. Seems like the centuries-old Galactic Empire, promoter of justice and peace throughout known space, has come under attack by Separatists who wish to replace the Empire with a designer-tyranny of their own... so the Empire sends in its best warriors to beat those demonic dissidents senseless. YOU are one of them, flying an Imperial-issue H-Wing Fighter, so feel free to bonk some heads the space warrior's way.

All in all, in spite of his inexperience, Thrall does excellent work with his 3D Game Maker creations, from his oldest creation Warmaster to the latest Sky Strategy. If you want to take a look and play some Frogbone games, then head on down to http://frogbonegame.extra.hu/
and see for yourself. After all, Sammy didn't call Gabi the "3D Master" of Yoyo Games for nuttin'.

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