2009. nov. 20.

BumpTop - 3D Desktop Zen

Imagine this: your Windows desktop used to be a boring graveyard for lost 'n forgotten files... now it is the virtual equalient of your real desk, a 3D GUI, as portrayed in Jurrasic Park's FSN IRIX 3D system - only much modern and with what we call "Desktop Zen". And what program will you give thanks to?

Give up?

Then the answer is...
Should you have imagined this, well, imagine no more: BumpTop can easily cure the 2D GUI blues for good, using technology the likes of which your OS has never experienced before: 3D graphics, touchscreen compatibility, real-life physics, hand gesture commands, and what's more sweet, it can be themed thanks to community. Don't believe me? I'll spare the details for the Feature Tour at http://bumptop.com/features.php.

You have two options now, to whom it may concern: either become a slave to the past, gray-ol' 2d desktop for all time, one which has not changed for 3 decades, or go to BumpTop and free yourself to the future, where your desktop is a real desk in full blown 3D. The choice is yours, femmes and mechs.

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