2009. dec. 4.

Custom OGRE Units - North American Combine

[Establishing Captain's Log: 2009.12.04....]

Since the holidays are upon us all, even here on Hungary, thought it important to show you my own units for my favorite tabletop wargame - OGRE, starting with the North American Combine...

God bless ya and America's republic - even if it includes giant, sentient nuclear tanks.


Ground Units

Mark V OGRE - Lunar Variant
"Golem" Israeli Desert Cybertank
M2080 "Shepard" LevTank
"Coelacanth" Hover Cybertank
R3 "Scorpion" Heavy Mecha
R5 "Tarantula" Assault Mecha
R17 "Grizzly" Superheavy Mecha

Air Units

F41 "Vampire" Fighter
B9 "Ghost" Bomber
"Ogre Magi" Continental Siege Aircraft

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