2009. dec. 11.

R.I.P. 3 - The Last Hero

Mid-22nd Century. An unknown invader, known as the supercomputer Dictator 3000X, has added Earth in his list of conquests using advanced technology and devilish witchcraft as weapons - cyborgs, attack vecs, demons, energy weapons - you name it, this computer's got it. And with the General Arcanum Portal (GAP), one more step - and the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead will be blurred, resulting in a cataclysm the likes of which even Creation has never before seen.

But, as fate would have it, our three favorite anti-heroes - the grim reaper Death, devil Rock 'n Roll and pumpkin-head Halloween - are back, and that's not going to happen on their watch! This time, they have brought with them three new mortal friends - cyborg ex-officer Captain Black, ninja-girl Jane and experimental warvec FOBOS - and the fate of both worlds lies in their hands. It's all or nothing as the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead collide!

That, ladies 'n gents, is R.I.P. 3 - The Last Hero, the third and most explosive, top-down kill-'em-all shooter game in the R.I.P. series from the Ruskie friends at Elephant Games. I'll spare you the details here. In fact, I STRONGLY recommend this action game, so get off your butt, get R.I.P. 3 and get to mowin' Dctator 3000X's cyborg army down with a wide arsenal of weapons and vehicles - or it's "Rest in Pieces" for Earth!

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