2009. dec. 5.

TRANSTECH - New Millenium

[Captain's Note: for the uninitiated, Transtech, designed by Draxhall Jump, was to take Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye to its most futuristic, set after Beast Machines. Turned out otherwise, as it was cancelled in favor of Transformers Car Robots, which is Robots in Disguise in the US. Oh well - you cannot win them all... until further notice, on with the story, in the good ol' fashion of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Comics - with a Neo-Millenium twist.]


Anno Domini 2000. The 3rd Millenium. Earth and Mankind celebrates the coming of the new millenium and, therefore, a new Era of his history. And yet, even in the challenges of tomorrow, Man still remembers the dream - mechanical beings able to transform their bodies into vehicles, machinery and weapons, the last line of defense against Unicron. They were, are, and always will be at war, heroic Autobot, led by Optimus Prime, pitted against evil Decepticon, led by Megatron, both on their homeworld, the metal planet called Cybertron, and here on our Earth. They are the galaxy's best, last and only hope; they are... TRANSFORMERS.

[Fade in. Exterior: Futuristic Earth City, night. The whole city is celebrating the coming of the 3rd Millenium]

For a long time has Man waited for this great rejoicing to come, this new Age of his History ever since the Transformers first set their metallic feet on their homeworld. And it has come at last. All of Earth underwent the first day of the new millenium as smooth as it came... until, one more time, disaster strikes - in the form of the Decepticons!

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