2009. dec. 18.

Cross in the Winter - Prolouge

[Captain's notice: Since Christmas is upon Terra, I, for one, would love to show you baseline hus my story about one of my characters, Lunazuki-chan from Japan, named "Cross in the Winter" for the holidays. And as you have noticed, this is the prolouge. Without further ado, our premier presentation.]

Harajuku Protestant Church, Tokyo, Nihon - Information Age, 2016.12.07.

Lunazuki: "It's that dream again..."

Lunamiya is having that dream again. The dream when she was a Transformer hybrid, when she wanted to be both a JF-27 Wraith fighter pilot and a schoolgirl astronaut. The dream... that forever changed her life.

But she is having her dream to be... different. Ever since she flew Mikaya's JF-27 - her Christmas present - as co-pilot, Lunazuki can feel the changes to her dream. She, too, can feel her BPMs increase as her dream unfolds.

And unfold it did...

Tokyo, Nihon - Information Age, 2027.12.01

Lunazuki: "I... feel lonely..."

As this dream began, Lunazuki woke up to a silent, snow-covered Tokyo. She is surprised to see that she is, once more, a human-Transformer hybrid... but also to discover that the entire city is... empty. Abandoned. She explored the city, looking for anyone, only to be met with the same result: nothing. This kept on until, eventually, Lunazuki stumbles upon a cross in the snow - a lone, immaculately white cross, about as big aas one of the Transformers, like the one she is. Why is this cross here, and for what purpose, is unknown - but Lunazuki promises to investigate it, as long as she is alive to reveal her dream's meaning.

Lunazuki: (I WILL know what happened to my home, what this cross is, and why am I here as this... Transformer. I will.)

That said, the hybridized Nihonese girl pulled herself together and approached the Cross in the Winter, slowly but surely.

The cross is an all-too-familiar symbol for christians, namely protestants. It was that cross at Golgotha that Jesus shed His precious blood in the Crucifixion, so that whosoever believe in Him is washed of their sins, allowing access to Heaven at the Great White Throne judgement. Lunazuki knows this clearly. She also knows Salvation only comes through Grace alone - her #1 reason why Lunazuki treats Roman Catholicism - namely Tokyo Cathedral - like a runaway swarm of Strogg nanites.

Suddenly, as Lunazuki examined the cross by touching it, visions begin to show up, starting with a memory in the Tokyo General Hospital, JR Mediplex's delivery wing... then came a vision of the Transformer war reaching Japan... and finally, she was greeted by a lone figure, which is revealed having a Transformer body, just like Lunazuki... but she is different. She has that blue glow in her eyes.

Yuriko: Do you actually think your "Saviour" can save you and put the future to rest...me?

Came a haunting, reverbing voice from this Transformer... It would seem her human core cannot be human at all.

Lunazuki: Tell me who you are... NOW. Or else you will know why sinners like YOU deserve Hell.

To this, the unknown unit levitated towards Lunazuki. TOO frighteningly towards, as she never met a Transformer like her in Lunamiya's life. As the stranger closed in, she began, in the same possessed voice.

Yuriko: My name is Yuriko. And I reckon you must be... "Lunazuki". (The stranger identified herself as "Yuriko".)
Lunazuki: Of course I am Lunazuki! Now tell me why I am like this and what happened to Tokyo! After all, your sin will find you out, mysterious or not.

Lunazuki threatened Yuriko with this, but the psionic psi-cho isn't even flinched. She responds with a sinister smile that will give the little yaso nightmares for the remainder of her life.

Yuriko: You will have to find it out yourself... before the Last Days come. Until then, martyr... (Yuriko transformed into a fighter jet... but not like any Lunazuki saw before. This sleek, bi-winged jet fighter is said to be called the "Night Raven" and possesses technology... impossibly advanced.) enjoy your tribulations.

The PSI-Commando then fired up her Aeon Particle engines right at Lunazuki. The soon-to-be-martyred girl prayed silently, for the day of her death hath come...

...but the moment impact is about to be made, suddenly, Lunazuki is back in the metropolis, standing near the cross in the snow. Her heart was pacing, her breathing rapid. She thanked God that Lunazuki was delievered from evil - the same evil, Satan, the Dragon, in the form of that PSI-Commando "Yuriko Matsui", codename Omega. Yet it is no time to rest, as she is recieving demonic energy signatures... and it has gotten into night, as Lunazuki looked up to the sky. Physical and spiritual, it looks like Lunazuki's in for a banishment slugfest this night. A BIG one, matter-of-factly.

The snowbound streets are flooded by Imperial tanks and mechs, and the sky eclipsed by scores of Imperial aircraft... all of them Transformers, Demon-possessed and under Yuriko's control. Some of the army jets and tanks even transformed, surrounding Lunazuki, weapons on the ready. Both sides will know what to do when the time comes... and that time is now.

One hand a K-Burst ATC, the other holding the SMG/Flamer, and SENTINEL ready, Lunazuki begins her assault, for she knew this is one of these tribulations Yuriko cast forth on her - all the while, holy energy emenating from the Cross, and Lunazuki's fatih, will shield her of the demonic effects they may cause... all her nightmares excersizing psychokinetic pain, to name one.

Both sides opened fire, beginning one of the biggest one-versus-all battles in history, "Painkiller" style.

It will be no easy battle for Lunazuki, but with God, nothing is impossible.

Lunazuki: Victory will be the Lord's...

To be continued in "Cross in the Winter"

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